Royal International Horse Show 2021 showing judges confirmed

  • Judges have been confirmed for the showing classes at the 2021 Royal International Horse Show (RIHS) to be held at the All England Showground, Hickstead, from Wednesday 20 to Sunday 25 July 2021.

    The judges are as follows:

    Coloured horses (ride) — Mr N Arnold

    Coloured horses (conf) and coloured supreme — Mrs G Andrews

    Coloured ponies (show) — Mr P Cooper (show)

    Coloured ponies (conf) and coloured supreme — Mr W Morris

    Working hunter ponies — Mr A Evans (jump) and Mrs Z L Micallef MBE (conf)

    Show hunter ponies — Mr C Hunnable (show) and Mrs J Jefferson (conf)

    Pure-bred Arabs — Miss S Turner

    Hackneys — Mr C Purver

    UKPH M&M young riders and amateur — Mrs R Young OBE (show) and Miss J Brace (conf)

    Ladies hunter and amateur riding horses — Mrs A Levy (ride) and Mr S Reynolds (conf)

    Hunters, lightweights (ride) — Mrs L Jones

    Middleweights (ride) — Ms B Thomas

    Heavyweights (ride) — Mr I Smeeth

    Hunters (conf) — Mr M Maryan

    WCF Best Shod award — Mr S Cox-Rusbridge

    BSPS Heritage M&M open — Mrs M Cole (show) and Mrs J Godden (conf)

    BSPS Heritage M&M lead rein and first ridden — Miss V De Quincey (show) and Mrs M Young (conf)

    Amateur hunter — Mr N Collins and Mrs J Banks

    Working hunter — Miss M Underwood (ride) and Mrs V Cobham (conf)

    Riding horses — Mrs L Jones (ride) and Miss M Hennessy (conf)

    M&M WHP — Mrs B McGrath (jump) and Mr R Hunt (conf)

    Small hunter — Mrs L Daly (ride) and The Hon Mrs H Cavendish (conf)

    Hacks — Mr I Smeeth (ride) and Mrs V Appell (conf)

    Intermediates (all types) — Miss V De Quincey (show) and Mr C Yates (conf)

    Pretty Polly  — Mrs N Turner and Mrs E Livesey

    Miniatures — Mrs V Huddlestone S

    SADL classes — Mrs R Keeling and Mrs J Dean

    Part-bred Arabs — Miss S Turner (ride) and Mrs J Godden (conf)

    Maxi cobs — Miss M Underwood (ride) and Mr M Maryan (conf)

    Show pony lead rein, first ridden and lead rein of show hunter type — Mrs J Ryde-Rogers (show) and Mrs M Cole (conf)

    Show ponies — Mrs E Tate (show) and Mrs A Jones (conf)

    Continues below…

    Nursery stakes — Mr S Somers (conf) and Mrs V Appell (jump)

    Intermediate working hunter — Mrs V Appell (conf) and Mr S Somers (jumping)

    Cobs — Mrs S Coward (ride) and Mr S Ashton (conf)

    Working show horses, amateur hacks and amateur maxi cob — Miss J Owen (ride) and Mr T Wiggett (conf)

    Amateur Cobs — Miss M Bowling (ride) and Miss S Holliday (conf)

    Light Trade Turnouts — Mr N Fuller

    Supreme ridden horse and pony championships — Mrs D Williams, Mr F Grunnill and Mrs F Townley

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