12 signs it (might be) nearly springtime

  • Call us over-optimistic, but with the sun shining today it’s got us thinking — could spring be lurking around the corner? We think it might be (preferably with a lot less rain too)...

    1. It’s WHAT time and it’s still light?
    You’ve begun your annual ritual of tracking minute-by-minute as the amount of daylight increases and  started to chart when you’re going to be able to fit in a post-work ride.

    2. Clothes confusion
    You’ve booked your tickets to the Grand National — but what on earth are you going to wear? In fear of being named and shamed in the Daily Mail’s annual round-up of inappropriate get-ups, you might have to opt for tweed — and just embrace overheating.

    3. Tackling the electric fencing
    You know that the new grass is going to catch you by surprise and that only means one thing — you have an afternoon of unraveling last year’s tape ahead of you. Note to self: don’t put it away in a hurry next time.

    4. Guilt-free turnout is in sight
    You’re counting the days until you can turn your horse out for the night without pangs of guilt — and enjoy the luxury of not having to muck out in the morning. What will you do with all that extra time?

    5. Putting your winter-warmers away
    You’ve remembered what feeling your toes is like post-mucking out. And you’ve downgraded to fumble-free fingerless gloves.

    6.  Going on a hunting binge
    You’re panic booking days off work for some mid-week hunting to get your fix before the season ends.

    7. Terrifying flowers
    You have to sit tight riding into the woods as your horse knows those snowdrops were absolutely definitely not there last week and they are very white and very scary and therefore worthy of great suspicion, wide nostrils and sudden about turns.

    8 . What’s that smell?
    The muckheap is at its mighty, steaming height, signalling the need for imminent removal and (hallelujah) horses soon going out for longer.

    9. Eventing excitement
    It’s just weeks until the eventing season kicks off at Isleham, which means it’s time to start manically Googling where you can get in some pre-season cross-country schooling.

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    10. Remembering what warm feels like
    You begin a schooling session in four layers and a thick scarf, and have to strip down to a t-shirt after just 10 minutes. Your red complexion has got you questioning your fitness…

    11. Remembering how to sit a buck
    There’s a general increase in impulsion/enthusiasm/airs above the ground from your four months-deprived now sugar-high equine.

    12. Clipping dilemmas
    To clip or not to clip? Making the agonising decision about whether there’s time for one more. And then rug quandaries begin. If only your horse could let you know if he’s too hot… and could swap his rug accordingly.

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