14 of the best (OK, worst) horsey puns you’ve ever heard

  • Some people dislike puns – but we’ve got a message for those neighsayers, and it’s that, erm, you probably won’t want to read the rest of this article! Here’s a list of some of the best (OK, worst) horse puns we could think of – it’ll stop you foaling around on the internet for a few minutes, but be warned, you’ll either be a little horse from groaning by the time you get to the end of it or you’ll be spurred on to invent some puns of your own. Or if horse jokes are more your thing, then we’ve got you covered for that too!

    14 of the funniest horse puns

    1. If she doesn’t rein it in a bit with the gossip, she’s going to stirrup trouble!

    2. Did you hear about the rider whose horse bolted with her? It was a terrible tale of whoa!

    3. The band Foals has got a colt following.

    4. Maybe she’s barn with it. Maybe it’s neighbelline! (We admit it – we nicked that one off a meme!)

    5. Foals rush in where angels fear to tread.

    6. Have you seen her new boyfriend? What a hot-to-trot stud!

    7. If you do dressage with your mare then maybe it’s time to a-filly-ate!

    8. Go to bed, little foal, it’s pasture bedtime!

    9. You’ve got a horse – and money in the bank? What does it feel like to be financially stable?

    10. Running late again? Better hoof it!

    11. I’ve had a ‘mare since I made the spur of the moment decision to buy that crazy new horse. Now I’m saddled with a ton of responsibility and a bucketload of trouble!

    12. Still complaining about how you’ve got to jump off your 17.2hh hunter and muck out? Oh, get off your high horse!

    13. The two best horse thieves in the world were Bonnie and Clydesdale.

    14. A horse walks into a bar. The barman says, ‘Hey’. The horse says, ‘You read my mind!’

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