A horse walks into a bar…

  • Pedestrians were surprised to see a pony entering a bar in Birkenhead town centre last week (26 May).

    The skewbald cob was caught on camera in the doorway of Moodz bar.

    The picture was taken by Holly Louisa Croall, who shared the bizarre sighting on her Facebook page.

    It has since received thousands of shares on social media.

    Credit: Holly Louisa Croall

    Credit: Holly Louisa Croall

    “I just thought it was really funny, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first,” said Ms Croall.

    “Everyone was driving past and looking and I just quickly found my phone and took a few pictures.

    “I posted them online and I can’t believe it’s gone as viral as it has. It’s just madness.”

    The pony is called Dawn and belongs to Mandy Gill, according to the Liverpool Echo.

    “I pop in for a drink at the pub every now and again and take the horse with me because they’ve got nice people in there who make us feel welcome,” said Ms Gill.

    “I also take her into town occasionally, and people just get lifted. She puts a smile on their faces.”

    Dawn is three-and-a-half years old and was rescued by Ms Gill after being abandoned in Norfolk.

    “She’s got a lovely nature and the perfect temperament,” she added.

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    Credit: Kent Messenger Group / SWNS.com

    Credit: Kent Messenger Group / SWNS.com

    Dawn isn’t the only pony who seems quite content with a trip in to town. Last year, horseandhound.co.uk reported that a pony had been spotted wandering down the aisles of a Lidl store.

    The grey, who was sporting a fluorescent rug, was seen by customers in the Kent store at around 3pm on 21 September.

    The handler and the pony were later reportedly thrown out of the supermarket in Ashford by security staff.

    A shopper told local press he believed the pony’s presence was a prank.

    The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said they heard the man leading the animal say: “Oh no, I’ve done it again, this isn’t the vets.”

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