9 beautiful leather headcollars you’ll want to buy

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  • Ideal for daily use or special occasions, we bring you nine of the best leather headcollars that are comfortable, practical and stylish

    Leather headcollars have a number of benefits over synthetic options. They look smarter, can be easily personalised and last longer if cared for correctly, making them worth the extra investment, although you can’t just throw them in the washing machine when they start to look grubby like a nylon one.

    Leather headcollars are recommended when transporting your horse as they are soft, will break under pressure and can be cut in the case of an emergency. More helpful tips on transporting your horse safely >>

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    HyCLASS leather padded headcollar

    0443 - HyCLASS - Leather Padded Head Collar - 1

    This stylish padded headcollar is made from good quality bridle leather. It has soft padding both on the nose and headpiece for added comfort for your horse, plus an adjustable chin strap and clip throat fastening for a perfect fit. Smart brass fittings complete this look. It is available in black and dark brown, in sizes pony to full.
    Buy now: HyCLASS leather padded headcollar from £50.67

    Mark Todd patent leather headcollar

    Mark Todd Patent Leather Headcollar

    This high quality leather headcollar has a patent padded noseband and headpiece. It features stainless steel buckles and fittings plus the famous Mark Todd signature. It is only available in black in sizes cob, full or extra full.
    Buy now: Mark Todd Patent Leather Headcollar from £40.49

    Amigo padded headcollar

    Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 17.03.08

    Made from high quality eco-friendly leather, the Amigo padded headcollar is a good choice for completing your horse’s show look. It has soft padding on the noseband and headpiece, quick release cheek clip and a brass nameplate for customisation. Available in a choice of brown or black in sizes pony, small horse, standard horse and large horse.
    Buy now: Amigo padded headcollar from £44.50

    LeMieux Padded Leather headcollar

    The LeMieux padded leather headcollar is a soft, quality padded leather headcollar that can be used with the LeMieux lambskin headcollar set for added comfort. This adjustable headcollar has solid brass fittings and is adjustable under the nose.
    Buy now: LeMieux Padded Leather headcollar from £42.95

    Shires Blenheim Fully Adjustable Leather headcollar

    This headcollar has been designed to fit ponies through to an extra full size for large horses. It is made from good quality leather with solid brass fittings. These headcollars are hand sewn and are adjustable on one side of the head and nose.
    Buy now: Shires Blenheim Fully Adjustable Leather headcollar from £38.99

    HKM Leather Veronika headcollar

    Made from calf leather, this headcollar features a raised padded and adjustable noseband and headpiece with a snap clip throatlash to open. It has heavy duty silver coloured fittings that are built to last.
    Buy now: HKM Leather Veronika headcollar from £27.97

    Equipride Leather polo headcollar

    This headcollar is handcrafted and comes with a leather lead and chain. All the buckles and fitting are stainless steel and its polo-inspired design is a fun alternative to a traditional leather headcollar.
    Buy now: Equipride Leather polo headcollar from £39.99

    Kerbl London Leather headcollar

    The headcollar is made from durable, soft and high-quality leather, with soft padded layer on the nose, poll and cheekpieces. The heavy, gold-coloured brass fittings are durable while the neck and nose bands are adjustable.
    Buy now: Kerbl London Leather headcollar from £40.16

    Ready to Ride headcollar

    The Ready to Ride headcollar is a low-maintenance, easy to clean leather headcollar that is pre-treated with oil to prevent cracking.
    Buy now: Ready to Ride headcollar from £31.95

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