Help prevent injury with one of these field-safe headcollars

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  • It’s not ideal to turn your horse out in the field with his headcollar on, but sometimes it’s unavoidable – and this is where the best field-safe headcollars become incredibly handy. Whether your horse is tricky to catch or needs to wear a headcollar to attach a grazing muzzle or fly fringe, a field-safe headcollar is – as the name suggests – a safer option than a standard nylon headcollar or rope halter.

    Previously, leather headcollars were often used for turnout as they’re more likely to break than nylon, however, many like to save leather for travelling or best – and if your horse is wearing it for turnout all year round, it won’t look its best for long.

    The best field-safe headcollars are designed to break in an emergency – for example, if the headcollar become hooked on the fence and your horse became stuck, there is an intentional weakpoint (usually Velcro/touch-tape) where the headcollar will break away. Some go a step further and have no metal hardware in the design at all, which is also handy if your horse is sensitive to metals or zinc.

    Your other option – if you don’t want to purchase a new headcollar – is to buy a field-safe converter strap or breakaway attachment, which will provide an existing headcollar with a new breakpoint.

    Shires Headcollar Breakaway Attachment | Viovet.co.uk
    For just £1.65, this attachments creates a weak point in your headcollar that will break in a moment of panic,

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    Best field-safe headcollar options

    Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar

    Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar

    Colours: Black, brown or navy
    Sizes: XS–XL
    RRP: £49.99

    This weather-proof headcollar is smart enough for use day to day, on competition days or for turnout – it has been scientifically tested to ensure it breaks at with appropriate load. It’s made from PVC with stainless steel fittings and has neoprene padding on the headpiece and nosepiece for comfort.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.ukviovet.co.uk or gsequestrian.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com or statelinetack.com

    Rhinegold field-safe headcollar

    Rhinegold Field Safe Headcollar

    Colours: Black, raspberry, tangerine or turquoise
    Sizes: Foal, Shetland, pony, cob, full or extra-full
    RRP: From £4.99

    Available in a good range of sizes, this nylon headcollar has a touch-tape adjustable headpiece and noseband, and is without buckles that could catch or get hooked. Designed for turnout use only.

    In the UK? View regular sizes now at amazon.co.uk
    In the UK? View foal size now at amazon.co.uk
    In the US? View regular sizes now at amazon.com
    In the US? View foal size now at amazon.com

    Hy field-safe headcollar

    Hy Field Safe Headcollar

    Colours: Black, navy, green, pink, red or yellow/reflective
    Sizes: Foal/small pony, pony, cob or full
    RRP: From £24.99

    This headcollar allows you to flip between normal and field use with a choice of two straps below the buckle – one standard and one with a touch-tape breaking point. It also has an adjustable padded nose with touch-tape breakpoint.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or gsequestrian.co.uk

    Horseware field-safe headcollar

    Horseware Field Safe Headcollar

    Colours: Red or navy
    Sizes: Pony, cob or full
    RRP: £26.50

    This durable headcollar has a quick-release cheek clip, adjustable noseband and a reusable Velcro release point for safe use in the field. It also has reflective sections to help find your horse in the dark.

    In the UK? View now at gsequestrian.co.uk

    Bitz field-safe headcollar With Hi-Viz

    Bitz Field Safe Headcollar

    Colours: Black/yellow
    Sizes: Pony, cob or full
    RRP: £15

    This safety headcollar fastens as normal but has a field-safe Velcro side opening and hi-vis strips on the cheeks to aid visibility.

    In the UK? View now at viovet.co.uk or gsequestrian.co.uk

    Equikits Field Safe Headcollar Converter

    Equikits Field Safe Headcollar Converter

    Colours: 17 options
    Sizes: ¾in or 1in wide
    RRP: £5

    Use this strap to convert your own existing headcollar into a field-safe headcollar. No sewing required, all you need to do is cut the buckle strap and replace it with this field-safe Velcro strap by threading the original buckle through the new strap. You can replace the head piece strap or noseband, and if you keep the original strap you can always revert back to the original configuration for everyday yard use.

    In the UK? View now at ebay.co.uk

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