14 unmissable flash bridles

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    BR Andover flash bridle

    1. BR

    This symmetric bridle features an anatomically formed headpiece and a soft padded lining. The narrow, slightly curved browband is fitted with Swarovski elements in three different colours. Its extra wide crank flash noseband with patent leather is round raised and has a wide chin pad with soft padding. The noseband is also anatomically formed. The bridle has a V-shaped flash attachment and hook stud billets and the buckle of the flash strap features an extra protection flap. Supplied without reins.

    RRP: £125.95

    Visit: www.br.nl


    BR35 Equipe flash bridle

    2. BR35

    This bridle features a raised flash noseband and browband. Made to the highest quality standards from English sedgewick leather, the bridle has a no-stress headpiece for optimal comfort. Available in black, brown and red/brown, in full and cob sizes. Price includes reins.

    RRP: £262

    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350


    Amerigo Vespucci Flash Bridle

    3. Flash-Engl._Kombi

    This bridle boasts a unique headpiece that protects the poll and the ears by integrating all parts that usually go directly over the poll into one softly padded headpiece.  Available in black, brown, Newmarket and aged oak, in full and cob sizes. Price includes reins.

    RRP: £230

    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350


    Pessoa Flash Bridle


    This beautifully crafted bridle feature a shaped and padded headpiece that alleviates pressure points across the horses’ poll by distributing pressure evenly over the head. The noseband fastens to the headpiece on both sides, reducing any stress caused by pulling the noseband tight on the side of the horses’ head; this allows the noseband to sit centrally at its optimum position. The noseband is also padded to provide the horse with maximum comfort. Available in Havana and black. Rubber reins included.

    RRP: £125

    Visit: www.gsfriding.co.uk


    PDS rolled dressage bridle


    Designed with performance and comfort in mind, the PDS rolled dressage bridle has a cleverly designed headpiece that is shaped around the ears and has a wider bearing surface between the ears to reduce poll pressure. The headpiece is beautifully padded with soft leather and has a channel for the noseband strap to sit –avoiding any discomfort. The crank flash noseband is cleverly shaped to provide a wider surface area to the nose, reducing in width to the cheek. It is also softly padded and has a fabulous patent leather finish with rolled leather detail throughout the bridle. Price includes a pair of rolled half rubber reins. Made of best quality English leather. Available in black.

    RRP:  £235

    Visit: www.pdssaddles.com


    GFS flash bridle


    A flash noseband bridle complete with rubber reins. Features include a raised browband and noseband. Ideal for everyday or competition use. Available in Havana or black.

    RRP: £59

    Visit: www.gsfriding.co.uk


    Albion KB flash bridle

    7. ALBION KB Competition Snaffle Plain Browband Padded Flash Noseband 20mm Leather Continental Reins Black

    Tailor made to perfection with a patented design, the original pressure relieving KB bridle is without doubt one of the most popular bridles on the market, with an almost infinite range of options. The slip is anatomically positioned over the padded, cutaway headpiece to disperse poll pressure. The KB bridle also features a padded noseband for extra comfort and an oversized browband to ensure ear clearance and minimise nerve pressure.

    RRP: from £218

    Visit: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk


    Silver Crown flash bridle

    8. webemailer Silver Crown Flash Bridle, La Baule Headpiece and webreinss

    A clever concept in bridle design, Silver Crown allows customers to mix and match to accommodate both the size of their horse’s head and also their requirements, ensuring that you get a bespoke made-to-measure bridle without the hefty price tag. Styled in beautiful quality English leather, this particular combination incorporates a ‘La Baule headpiece’, which is softly cushioned and padded throughout, to spread the pressure evenly over a larger area without creating pressure points. The noseband features a padded cavesson with the option to use with or without the flash attachment.

    RRP: £213

    Visit: www.shadowhorse.co.uk  


    Dressage Deluxe flash crank bridle

    9. Dressage Deluxe Bridle-Flash-main

    The Dressage Deluxe flash crank bridle is made by Jeffries. It features a slotted headpiece which allows the noseband strap to run over the top of the padded headpiece in a unique recessed channel that eliminates unnecessary movement and ensures maximum comfort for the horse. The padded headpiece is shaped for a comfortable fit round the ears and all bridles have the brand’s signature purple logo on the browband.

    RRP: £199

    Visit: www.dressagedeluxe.co.uk


    Sue Carson Saddles snaffle bridle

    10. SCSComfortBridle_snaffle_flash_1569

    Several ergonomic design features reduce poll pressure and resistance in the Sue Carson Saddles comfort bridle. The flash fixing is concealed inside the noseband, which can also be used as a smart cavesson. A choice of reins are available. Made in England from top quality leather. Sizes cob, full or made to measure are available in a choice of colour combinations.

    RRP: £160

    Visit: www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk or call 01629 540343


    Mark Todd performance flash bridle

    11. Mark Todd Performance Flash Bridle

    Manufactured in top quality leather, this bridle is intended to be more comfortable for the horse. Key features include a unique, ergonomically designed padded noseband that is constructed to give fixed positioning, so that the front of the noseband is not pulled downwards by the action of the flash attachment. The noseband has buckles on both sides for a balanced fit and also slots through the bridle’s padded headpiece so that it passes externally over the poll in order to reduce pressure points – the headpiece incorporates a groove so that the noseband strap remains central and sits flush. A grackle style noseband is also available, in black or brown, in cob or full size.

    RRP: £149.99

    Visit: www.wefi.co.uk or call 01303 872277  


    Padded international white lined leather flash bridle


    Stylish English leather bridle with white lining on the padded browband and pull back fastening noseband. The size and style of all component pieces can be chosen at the time of purchase for the perfect fit. Image shows upgraded headpiece.

    RRP: from £190

    Visit: www.katenegus.com or call 0780 115 0571


    HyCLASS deluxe padded headpiece flash bridle

    13. 0482 - HyCLASS - Deluxe Padded Headpiece Flash Bridle - 4

    This beautifully crafted bridle is made from the finest leather and features a raised nose band and brow band for additional comfort. The headpiece is cut away at the ear position to allow for extra movement and an ergonomic fit to reduce poll pressure. Includes rubber reins.

    RRP: £79.99

    Visit: www.hy-equestrian.com or call 01522 529206


    Prestige Sorrento evolution bridle

    sorrento_2055 1

    Finely crafted raised leather decorated with white stitching on the browband and noseband. The bridle features a wide padded headpiece to distribute poll pressure. The evolution noseband allows adjustment of the noseband uprights without changing the bridle size, giving greater freedom to the cheekbone. Available in black or tobacco.

    RRP: £170

    Visit: www.arkaequipe.com


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