Looking for the perfect fit? Try one of these made-to-measure bridles

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  • Finding the perfect bridle can be a difficult task. For this reason we’ve compiled a list of made-to-measure bridles to ensure you get the best fit for your horse.

    Kate Negus padded drop noseband bridle

    Padded dropped

    This classic English leather bridle is made using top quality leather that has been carefully selected by the company. The padded drop noseband bridle has a raised and padded noseband and browband, but the size and style of all of the pieces can be selected at the time of purchase. This gives a made-to-measure fit that also suits the rider’s tastes. This bridle is available in black and chestnut.
    RRP: from £175
    Visit: www.katenegus.com

    Sue Carson Saddles comfort bridle


    This revolutionary designed comfort bridle incorporating all of the features that Sue has found, as a rider and trainer, to be beneficial to horses. The bridle is made to measure in England from top quality leather to suit your horse’s sizing and your preferred colour combinations. The bridle features a padded headpiece that helps to reduce poll pressure and resistance. In addition to this the noseband sliphead threads over the headpiece. The bridle also has a long headpiece so that the browband doesn’t pinch, buckles on both ends of the throatlash to maximise its adjustability and a concealed flash fixing inside of the noseband. This is easily adapted to a double bridle. A choice of reins are available.
    RRP: from £160
    Visit: www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk

    Albion KB comfort bridle

    ALBION KB Super Snaffle Patent Padded Browband Patent Padded Cavesson Noseband 30mm Nubuck Reins Black

    The original pressure relieving KB comfort bridle is tailor made to perfection with a patented design. The bridle has an almost infinite range of options, which can be made-to-measure in different styles and sizes to achieve the perfect fit and look every time. For something extra special you can choose from a wide selection of patent leather and Swarovski options. The slip is anatomically positioned over the padded, cutaway headpiece and features an oversized padded browband. This ensures ear clearance and minimises ear and poll nerve pressure, while featuring a soft padded noseband for extra comfort. Recognised as one of the leading anatomically designed made-to-measure bridles on the market today, this bridle is chosen by professional riders worldwide including William Fox-Pitt, Laura Tomlinson and Emile Faurie.
    RRP: from £213
    Visit: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk

    Grand Prix rolled Larissa double bridle


    Wolds Exclusive Bling offer a range of exclusively made Sedgwick leather bridles and browbands to suit all horses. The bridles are designed to maximise comfort, durability, and to look stylish and “blingy”.
    RRP: from £169
    Visit: www.woldsexclusivebling.com

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