13 ergonomic headpieces to ensure maximum comfort

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  • If you’re looking for an ergonomic headpiece don’t miss this selection of bridles and parts to ensure maximum comfort for your horse.

    Sue Carson Saddles snaffle bridle

    NTM Ergonomic Sue Carson

    Several ergonomic design features reduce poll pressure and resistance in the Sue Carson Saddles comfort bridle. The flash fixing is concealed inside the noseband, which can also be used as a smart cavesson. A choice of reins are available. Made in England from top quality leather. Sizes cob, full or made to measure are available in a choice of colour combinations.

    Visit: www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk or call 01629 540343

    HyCLASS deluxe padded headpiece flash bridle

    NTM Ergonomic HyClass

    This beautifully crafted bridle is made from the finest leather and features a raised nose band and brow band for additional comfort. The headpiece is cut away at the ear position to allow for extra movement and an ergonomic fit to reduce poll pressure. Includes rubber reins.

    Visit: www.amazon.co.uk

    Kieffer ergonomic flash bridle

    NTM Ergonomic kieffer

    This stylish Kieffer bridle features a padded headpiece whereby the noseband strap passes over the top to relieve pressure. The bridle comes with a flash noseband, stainless steel fittings and web reins.

    Visit: www.ingatestonesaddlery.co.uk

    Albion padded headpiece

    NTM Ergonomic albion

    This headpiece is shaped to cut away behind the ears in order to provide the horse with maximum comfort. The KB headpiece minimises pressure, maximises comfort and aids willing submission, helping to improve performance. The Albion Competition Snaffle bridle starts from £213.

    RRP: £40

    Visit: www.wychanger.com

    OS padded headpiece

    NTM Ergonomic otto schu padded headpiece

    This padded headpiece is for Otto Schumacher rolled bridles and its new ergonomic design includes cut away behind the ears.
    One size fits all.
    Visit: www.classicdressage.com

    Evo Equine Breathe Easy performance bridle

    NTM Ergonomic evo equine breathe easy

    This superior comfort bridle is designed with optimum performance in mind. It features a removable integrated flash, a padded ergonomic headpiece, and a comfort padded crank noseband.

    Visit: www.evoequine.co.uk

    Devoucoux Ergonomic headpiece

    NTM Ergonomic devoucoux

    This ergonomic headpiece features double keepers that enable the cheek straps of both the bridle and noseband to be attached, avoiding pressure points on the horse’s neck.

    Visit: www.devoucoux.com

    Equipe Charlotte flash double bridle

    NTM Ergonomic Charlotte double bridle

    This elegant double bridle is a replica of the bridle used by Charlotte Dujardin. Styled in English Sedgewick leather it features a patent leather noseband with intricate white detail and a browband decorated with beautiful Swarovski crystals.  The ‘no stress’ headpiece is contoured to give the ears more room and is designed to ease pressure on the poll area.

    Visit: www.discount-equestrian.co.uk 

    Amerigo Vespucci traditional dressage snaffle

    NTM Ergonomic Tradtional_Dressage_Snaffle_005 (1)

    Made from the highest quality leather, this bridle has a unique integrated headpiece that has additional super soft padding throughout the whole length. This padded area is contoured and protects the sensitive areas towards the ears as well as reducing pressure across the poll. The noseband can be changed quickly and easily, enabling the rider to mix and match. It also has a refined brow-band and a softly padded, crank noseband with stainless steel buckles to create an elegant look.

    RRP: £260

    Visit: amerigo-uk.shptron.com

    Pessoa flash bridle

    NTM Ergonomic pessoa

    This beautifully crafted bridle features a shaped and padded headpiece that alleviates pressure points across the horses’ poll by distributing pressure evenly over the head. The noseband fastens to the headpiece on both sides, which allows the noseband to sit centrally at its optimum position.

    Visit: www.derbyhouse.co.uk 

    PS of Sweden Chameleon Bridle

    NTM Ergonomic PS of sweden

    This anatomical bridle features interchangeable padding on the nosebands that allows you to quickly and easily change the look of your bridle by changing the color of noseband. Six different colour options are available.

    Visit: www.psofsweden.com 

    Collegiate raised flash bridle

    NTM Ergonomic Collegiate Bridle

    This traditionally styled Hanoverian bridle is made from the finest quality leather and features highly polished stainless steel fittings and extra soft nappa padding for comfort.

    Visit: www.equestrian.com

    Cavesson patent bridle

    NTM Ergonomic elevator

    The Elevator performance cavesson bridle is made from the finest quality supple English leather and features a raised padded browband and a crank-style cavesson noseband in patent leather.

    Visit: www.elevatorbridles.com

    Claridge House crank flash bridle

    kramer_ergonomicThis beautiful bridle features an extra-wide pull back conical noseband and an anatomically shaped headpiece. The curved browband is decorated with four rows of crystals. The headpiece, browband and noseband are softly padded and the bridle is supplied with web reins.

    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

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