12 of the best grip/performance reins

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  • Horse & Hound's buying guides feature the best kit on the market. This week we bring you 12 of the best grip and performance reins

    HyCLASS half rubber show reins

    1.0151 - HyCLASS - Half Rubber Show Reins

    Made from quality leather, these reins feature a leather outer and an inner grip. They are available in black and brown, in sizes full and pony.

    RRP: £20

    More information: www.hy-Equestrian.com

    Silver Crown flexible reins

    2.Silver Crown Flex Reins 300dpi image

    These reins feature internally reinforced rubber and martingale stops. They are made with J.E. Sedgewicks English leather and have stainless steel fittings.

    They come in black with black stitching, nut with white stitching and conker with white stitching, in sizes cob/fill and pony/cob.

    RRP: £68

    More information: www.shadowhorse.co.uk

    Vespucci hand grip rubber reins

    3.Hand Grip Reins 4

    These reins have leather stoppers every 6cm and are shorter in length to avoid getting the foot caught in the excess loop.

    RRP: £84

    More information: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

    Sue Carson Saddles eventa reins


    These non-slip 5/8″ reins are made from quality leather and are manufactured by a UK. They come in black and brown.

    RRP: £60

    More information: www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk

    Kate Negus Saddlery eventa grip reins


    These reins are made from English leather and feature a grip covering.

    RRP: £105

    More information: www.katenegus.com

    Albion Saddlemakers eventa reins

    6.ALBION KB Reins Black

    These reins (pictured top) have 75% more flexibility than standard rubber grip reins and are available in full size, warmblood and made to measure. They come in black or brown with stainless steel hooks, stainless steel buckles, brass hooks or brass buckles.

    RRP: £75

    More information: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk

    Schockemöhle Sports XTreme Line rubber reins


    These rubber reins with hook and stud feature a martingal stop and are made with Swarovski elements.

    RRP: £69.95

    More information: www.schockemoehle-sports.com

    BR rubber reins


    These rubber grip reins are strengthened with nylon and feature rein stops and hook stud billets. They are availble in full in tobacco/gold, brown/silver, brown/gold or black/silver.

    RRP: £22.95

    More information: www.br.nl

    Wolds Exclusive Bling half rubber lined reins


    These flat dressage reins are made from English leather.

    RRP: from £50

    More information: www.woldsexclusivebling.com

    Dever Saddlery bio grip reins


    These English leather reins feature stainless steel fittings and flexible pimpled rubber grip. They are available in full and pony.

    RRP: £53.95

    More information: www.deversaddlery.co.uk

    GFS insider grip reins


    These full size reins feature an inside rubber grip and come in havana and black.

    RRP: £29.99

    More information: www.gfsriding.co.uk

    Harry Dabbs continental reins


    These reins have a slim line of rubber interwoven in the fabric and are made from English leather. They come with leather martingale stops and are available in black or havana in full size only.

    RRP: £60

    More information: www.thermatex.co.uk

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