Woof Wear Pro Overreach Boots

1. woofwear

These overreach boots are suitable for all aspects of ridden work, including competition use. The Pro Overreach boot is a stylish and functional boot that offers superb protection against overreach injuries. The boot is available in black and white neoprene, with or without a Merino Sheepskin collar. Sizes small to large.
RRP: from £25
Visit: www.woofwear.com

Majyk Overreach Boots

2. Majyk Overreach Boots BLACK

These boots are extremely robust and feature a German-engineered rip-stop TPU mesh and a breathable TPU outer. The boots are water resistant and have a built-in Kevlar strike zone to offer excellent protection, which is coupled with ‘no turn’ notches to ensure that the boot stays put. Available in black or white, in sizes medium to large.
RRP: £25
Visit: www.shadowhorse.co.uk or call 01628 302 301

BR Passion Pro Max Croco Lacquer Overreach Boots

3. BR

These overreach boots feature a strong, synthetic patent leather with a crocodile print. The boots also have a shock-absorbing neoprene lining and a double Velcro closure. Available in sizes small to extra large.
RRP: £14.95
Visit: www.br.nl

Premier Equine Kevlar No-Turn Overreach Boots

4. Premier Equine Kevlar No-Turn Over Reach Boots

These boots are ideal for use in competition, training and turnout. The boots feature Kevlar technology for high performance and strike protection. They also offer a soft padded inner shockproof fabric lining with a microfibre leather outer and an anti-rotational design.
RRP: £29.99
Visit: www.naylors.com or call 01706 507555

HyIMPACT Neoprene Overreach Boots

5. HyIMPACT Neoprene Over Reach Boots (1)

Available in 7 colours the HyIMPACT boots are robust, lightweight and durable. These over reach boots feature a neoprene lining and recessed stitching for extra comfort. The boots are ideal for everyday wear and competition use.
RRP: £14.50
Visit: www.naylors.com or call 01706 507555

Bridleway Quick Fit Overreach Boots

6. Bridleway Quick Fit Over Reach Boots Pink~109128_1

These boots are available in eight eye catching colours and are designed to protect the heel bulb. The boots have strong double sided touch close straps to keep them securely in place, making them quick and easy to put on and take off.
RRP: £4.95
Visit: www.naylors.com or call 01706 507555

PDS Patent Overreach Boots

7. gfs

PDS have launched the perfect pair of patent overreach boots that are made from a durable patent leather that protects the horse from all manner of knocks and injuries to the hoof and pastern. The boots feature a detachable lamb’s wool lined top for extra comfort and ease of cleaning. Available in black or white in sizes cob to extra full.
RRP: £55
Visit: www.gfsriding.co.uk or call 01922 638094

Veredus Carbon Shield Overreach Boots

0040CARBON brown 001

These boots are anatomically shaped for the perfect fit and ultimate protection. They also feature a double point fastening with elastic straps to aid quick release. Available in black or brown in sizes small to large.
RRP: £132
Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

Back On Track Overreach Boots

9 back on track

The new Back on Track Overreach Boots are designed to support increased circulation in the hoof and provide effective protection against overreach injuries. The boots are made from high-strength neoprene and are lined with Back on Track’s revolutionary Welltex™ material, which is infused with ceramic particles. Available in black, brown or white, in sizes small to large.
RRP: £40
Visit: www.backontrack.com

Caldene Crocodile Overreach Boots

10. OV-CROC-BLACK-AW15-001

The Caldene patent Crocodile overreach boots feature sheepskin for comfort and style.
RRP: £25
Visit: www.rideaway.co.uk

Stretch and Flex Bell Boot

11. B Bell Boot CU

An innovative Bell Boot with a unique patented closure to offer all round protection and a sleek, streamlined look. Made from tough TPU with a soft and comfortable 5mm neoprene lining to provide all round protection from knocks, scrapes and overreach injuries. Available in black or white in sizes/medium and large/extra large.
RRP: £29.95
Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com

Tri-Zone Overreach Boot

12. Over Reach Boots LR

These boots are long lasting and are carefully shaped to fit. They incorporate an anti-spin heel button and adjustable fastenings. The boots are waterproof and rot proof and have a shock absorbing EVA lining and super tough strike guard to protect the heel area. They are easy to wear and wash. Available in black in sizes/medium and large/extra large.
RRP: £29.95
Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com

Harry Hall High-Viz Overreach Boots


These strong and hard wearing neoprene overreach boots have a reflective outer and a strong fastening. They are great for the roads or for dressage stars completing a lap of honour under the spotlights. Available in sizes pony to extra full.
RRP: £17
Visit: www.harryhall.co.uk or call 01274 711011

Equus Pull-On Overreach Boots

14. equus hrc

These boots are revitalising the rubber boot market as they are easy to apply thanks to the elasticity of the rubber. The boots offer outstanding protection, are durable and are suitable for use in all climatic conditions. The boots are made from quality UK sourced rubber and are available in an extensive range of colours.
RRP: £10.95
Visit: www.abbeyengland.com

Premier Equine Merino Lambskin Overreach Boots

15. Merino Lambskin Over Reach Boots White

These luxury microfiber leather overreach boots are lined around the top for extra comfort and protection and feature genuine merino lambskin. The boots are easy to use and have secure double locking Velcro straps, making them the ideal overreach boots for competition and training. Available in white, brown or black in sizes small to XXL.
RRP: £29.99
Visit: www.premierequine.co.uk

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