Tri-Zone overreach boots: ‘great boots that really do deliver’ 9/10

Welcome to our independent group test of overreach boots. All of the overreach boots in this group test have been put through their paces by professional event rider Sam Jennings and her team. Find out what they thought below.

Tri-Zone overreach boots


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Official description

The Tri-Zone overreach boots from Equilibrium are extremely hard-wearing boots that offers safe protection from over-reach injuries. They are ideal for high impact sports or providing extra protection during turnout. They are made from robust EVA with a super tough TPU strike guard to protect the heel area, plus anti-spin heel button for the perfect fit.

First impressions

These boots looked simply designed and the block at the back looked like it would keep them in place. The strike pad on the heel made me feel that they would give good protection from overreaches.

Overview of performance

These boots didn’t come down so low that there was a risk of them being trodden on, but came down low enough to protect the bulbs of the heel against over-reaching, which is the ideal position. The Velcro was strong, secure and made them easy to take on and off. The boots stayed in position well and had enough padding to give good protection while still being lightweight. They didn’t make any noise on the hoof and I felt that the horse’s movement wasn’t affected at all. I’m sure they would also be great for turn-out, but I almost think they are too smart for that!

Likes and dislikes

I really like how the soft top doesn’t rub, how well they sit around the hoof and what good value for money they are. However, I do think that they may not work quite as well on a horse with particularly upright, boxy front hooves.


*Best In Test & Best Value* A great pair of over-reach boots that really do deliver.

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