Form Notes: Nigel Coupe

A top pony rider and equally effective in young riders, Nigel is now highly successful in the senior ranks.

Q and A: Farriers’ friend

Making a date for your farrier's next visit is vital if you want to keep your horse's hooves in good order

Meet Robert Walker

Show rider Robert Walker is no stranger to hard graft and it?s his desire to attain perfection that has won him so many red rosettes.

Case study: stabbed!

While competing in mounted games, Tizzy slipped and fell onto the post.

Emergency service

First aid for horses varies from treating minor injuries to providing serious emergency care until help arrives

About turn

Getting to grips with turns on the forehand

Problem solver: driving

Jon and Christine Dick give their expert advice to frequently asked questions

Alexander Technique: a case study

The Alexander Technique has been used as a means of enhancing performance among musicians and actors, but riders can benefit too