‘Quick thinking’ rescuer reunited with ponies she saved

  • A caring member of the public has been reunited with two ponies that she rescued from a road.

    Nellie and Napoleon were found by a farmer, abandoned and wandering on a road near Rotheram late one evening last March.

    He contacted Rachel Edgerton for help and with the help of a policeman, they herded the horses into a nearby field where they would be safe overnight.

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    The next morning, Rachel came down to check the ponies and was shocked to see how emaciated they were.

    She contacted World Horse Welfare and a field officer came out to assess the ponies.

    “The ponies were clearly in a vulnerable situation, suffering from severe diarrhoea. Nellie was showing signs of colic and both desperately needed treatment for their worms and lice infestations,” said Chris Shaw of World Horse Welfare.

    As no owner could be found, it was decided that the ponies should be brought to the charity’s rescue centre near Blackpool.

    Nellie before

    Nellie before

    No horseboxes were available from the farm, so Rachel booked and paid for a horse transporter to take Nellie and Napoleon to the centre.

    “Rachel’s actions were not only quick thinking and compassionate, but she absolutely went above and beyond to keep the ponies safe and give them the best possible chance of recovery,” Mr Shaw added.

    “Her generosity and dedication are exceptional and I know I speak for everyone at World Horse Welfare when I say we are immensely grateful for her support.”

    Nellie now

    Nellie now

    Six months later, Rachel was invited to see how the equines were recovering and a video of her visit was published on YouTube on 20 November.

    “They look brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, I can’t believe the transformation,” said Rachel.

    “They were in such a terrible condition, emaciated and infested with worms and lice and now they look amazing.

    “I’m over the moon to have this opportunity to see the ponies again and so impressed with the amazing results the team at Penny Farm have achieved.”

    Nellie and Napoleon have both now been rehomed as companions.

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