Stranded horses led to safety in dramatic flood rescue

  • Seven horses have been saved from severe flooding thanks to a team of rescuers driving a tractor.

    The horses were left stranded in their field near Hawick in the Scottish borders when the River Teviot burst its banks.

    Firefighters were unable to rescue the horses so a group of locals took matters into their own hands on Saturday (5 December).

    “Everyone was really upset when the firefighters left — they thought that was it,” farm worker George Crawford told H&H.

    “The water was coming up under the horses’ stomaches and they had been stuck there for about 12 hours.”

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    George, his uncle James Manners and local huntsman Johnny Richardson drove a tractor through the fast-flowing water in an attempt to rescue the horses.

    After almost becoming stuck several times, the tractor reached the group of horses. One of the horses was captured and a rope was placed around his neck and muzzle making a makeshift headcollar.

    The horse was held by one of the rescuers standing on the back of the tractor. The tractor was then slowy driven out of the water with the horse following behind.

    The remaining six horses followed and eventually the group reached dry ground.

    The horses were checked over and were all found to be uninjured. They are now being kept inside a barn for safety.

    The rescue took an hour and a half to complete.

    H&H advises readers to take care and to not put themselves or others in danger in case of an emergency. If in doubt, contact emergency services and seek veterinary advice.

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