‘We’re smitten’: watch as two-week-old donkey foal wins hearts

A two-week-old donkey foal is among the latest arrivals at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Amos together with his mother, Matilda, and father, Jeremiah, arrived at the charity’s headquarters in Hapton, Norfolk, on 1 February.

donkey foal

He is so small that he had to be carried down the ramp of the horsebox.

The charity has also shared videos of the donkey family’s arrival and Amos being fitted with a new rug.

The family was offered a home at the sanctuary when their owner began to struggle due to health problems and contacted Redwings for help.

“Everyone at Redwings is absolutely smitten with Amos,” said the charity’s chief executive Lynn Cutress.

“He is only the fifth donkey foal to arrive at the sanctuary in the past ten years so to say his arrival has caused a lot of excitement would be an understatement.

donkey foal

“We’re delighted that by offering our help and expertise, this young family can remain together and receive the specialist care they need for the rest of their lives.

“It is thanks to the generosity of our supporters that we are able to provide a home for all three donkeys.”

The donkeys have settled in well and within minutes of their arrival, Amos was “playfully jumping in the shavings and suckling from Mum”.

A spokesman for the charity said Redwings has an “open door policy” for donkeys.

He added the trio will remain under the “watchful eye” of Redwings’ veterinary and equine care team for the next few months.

“While this site is closed to the public, it is hoped the gorgeous trio will be able to join a donkey herd at one of the charity’s visitor centres in the future,” he said.

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