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Hi everyone,

We are at an international show in Germany and I have two horses here with me; Waltons Top Flight for the two-star and a new horse for me, Da Messao in the one-star. She has jumped fantastic all week — clear every day in the bronze tour — so I’m happy with her. Waltons Top Flight had an unfortunate one fence down in the 1.45m, so hopefully we’ll have a bit more luck in the ranking class.

A lot of you guys have been asking for my opinion on different products so I thought I’d talk you through some of my favourite things to take to a show.

I’ll start with myself and my hat. I love my Samshield Miss Shield hat — it’s so comfortable and you never take it off and have sweaty hair. It’s brilliant technical and also beautiful. I also ride with Samshield gloves — the grip is fantastic.

For the horses I always ride with the Ogilvy saddle pad [buy now: Ogilvy saddle pad at eBay from £110]. It’s great and fits for every single horse and is spongy and can almost make every saddle fit to every horse.

I ride with a Butet saddle [buy now: Butet saddles at eBay from £670] which I love and I now think it’s a bit lucky so I don’t want to change it!

The next product is the Horseware Ice Vibe boots [buy now: Horseware Ice Vibe boots at Naylors from £200]. I don’t go anywhere without them — I love them. You don’t actually have to use the vibration part, you can just use the ice packs on their own.

In terms of supplements, it obviously depends on what type of horse you have, but I always use the Cavalor Muscle Fit [buy now: Cavalor Muscle Fit at Amazon] as travelling and getting on and off the lorry can take its toll. I also use Cavalor Gastro 8 [buy now: Cavalor Gastro 8 at Amazon from £107.50] which is designed to help horses’ stomachs and anything with gastric ulcers. Finally I love Cavalor’s Muscooler [buy now: Cavalor Muscooler at Amazon from £23.95]. I put a bit of it on the legs of any horses that have jumped to help reduce swelling and keep them cool.

Finally I have a full stable set from Equiport with drapes and storage systems. It’s smart and lasts for a long time and the horses always look great.

I think that’s about it, so I’ll keep you guys updated with how we get on competing.