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Hi everyone,

I thought I would just keep you all updated. We had a really successful show at the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show in Pampalone beach, St Tropez.

We’re now all set up, once again, in San Remo on the Mediterranean coast of Italy for two weeks of jumping.

I just thought I would run through with you what I like to keep in my ring bag (a bag that will come with my groom from the stables to the competition ring). I never go to the ring without it as it’s got lots of exciting things in it.

Firstly I have a towel so that if the horses get very hot and sweaty or if I want to wipe something, we can.

I then have my lucky handkerchief — I’m not entirely sure what I use this for, but it’s lucky, I think!

Then there is boot polish which is very important as I’m OCD — everything has to look very polished.

We have a chain, just in case the one that my groom, Cowboy, uses breaks.

I also have my spur collection, so that if I ever decide I want to change my spurs or have no spurs, I have plenty of choice.

Then we have a hole punch for the bridles, so that if I decide I want something tighter or if something breaks, we can fix it.

Then there are some baby wipes to clean anything and everything.

Then I have the most important thing that JB is after, treats. When my horses go in and out of the ring they have a treat — they are also very useful for bribery!

There is a boot brush, to make sure that the soles of my boots are clean to help me keep my feet in the stirrups at all times.

I have a mane brush and extra plaiting bands, in case any plaits come loose.

If I am extra nervous or if I’m jumping a big class, I use my leather grip. It’s all mental, I can assure you!

There is also a spare spur strap in case I want to add a chin strap onto the bit or if something breaks. Finally, there’s my whip.

I think that’s about it. As I say, I never go to the ring without it.

We’ve now got two weeks of some really exciting jumping here at San Remo. I hope that my luck continues, and I’ll keep you all updated.