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Hi everyone,

Summer is just around the corner and the season is just about to kick off so I thought I’d give you an insight as to how we travel from competition to competition.

I’ll give you guys a little guided tour around my horsebox.

To start with, I have loads of lockers and the first one contains my tack trunk. It holds all of my tack for a show and is on a fully hydraulic system so we can simply wheel it out.

The next locker is perfectly built to hold all of my horse’s supplements. The large locker near the rear is where I like to keep all of my show headcollars, travel headcollars, my hat and all of my show apparel. Plus there’s even a radio built in so that we can play music on the nice, sunny days.

At the rear of my lorry there is an external door to the horse area which is a great thing to have in case of emergencies.

Now we’ll go to the living area, but first, meet my dachshund Odie. He is my team mascot and he loves travelling with us.

In the living area I’m really lucky to have a pop-out so it’s really spacious. There’s a big double bed above the cab, the table in the living also pushes down to make way for a double bed and there’s another bed above the bathroom too. There’s a flat screen TV, microwave, grill and oven and one of the best things is that there’s loads of storage which is essential for a girl!

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Then we have a loo and shower which is nice and modern and quite spacious, and then finally there’s an internal door to the horse area.

So my lorry is where I spend most of my time when we’re competing — talking of which, we have some really exciting shows coming up which I can’t wait to share with you guys.

Speak soon!