Veteran horse pulled to safety in dramatic rescue

  • A veteran horse has been rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped in mud.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Khaheer was found unable to get to his feet last week (9 January).

    Firefighters were called to his field Near Clee Hill, Shropshire, at 2.35pm to help him back to is feet.

    He had been trapped in the boggy conditions for more than an hour.

    CCredit: SFRSleoby Mortimer crews joined Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service’s (SFRS) large animal rescue team and Mark Sanderson of Severn Edge Vets to assist with the rescue.

    The bay gelding was sedated by Mr Sanderson before being pulled onto guide sheets using a technique known as the “forward skid” (pictured, right).

    “We moved him to a safe area to be lifted in the specialist medical harness,” said a spokesman from SFRS. “Heavy rain and boggy terrain made the movement difficult.

    “A medical harness was used by the specialist teams to gently lift Khaheer and he was moved to a safe area where the vets could examine him.

    “Everyone was hoping Khaheer had the strength to stand. He was released from the system when the vet was happy.”

    Khaheer is now “recovering well” following the two-hour rescue operation.


    Rescue training

    Last year (1 April) SFRS ran a large animal rescue course for firefighters.

    Six students took part in the four-day course and now assist rescues with the team that has been in place for two years.

    “The students thoroughly enjoyed their training, even when they were knee-deep in mud rescuing Bullseye [a dummy horse] from another tiring scenario,” watch manager Craig Jackson told H&H.

    “They can now take a more active role in real rescues and have their hands on the equipment, working close to the animal.”

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