Miniature pony melts hearts in Christmas advert

A pint-sized pony has caused delight among horse lovers starring in a new TV advert for Amazon Prime.

The advert aired last week and has sparked an emotional reaction on social media with people stating the pony was “melting” their hearts.

The advert features a lonely little pony who is unable to make friends with the horses at his farm.

“Luckily his owner comes to the rescue with a clever new purchase using Amazon Prime’s One-Day Delivery. Remember, whatever the situation you find yourself in, there are “Millions of ways to save the day, delivered in one day”,” said a spokesman for Amazon.

Watch the video here.

He’s not the only Shetland to cause a storm online either.

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in 2013, Socks moonwalked his way into the public’s hearts. The dancing Shetland pony became an internet phenomenon.

The video, an advert for mobile phone company Three, has been a hit on the television as well as online.

The dancing pony throws some shapes, thanks to a little CGI help, on the cliffs of Eshaness, to “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac.

In the first weekend it had more than 1million views on YouTube.

And he was back delight his fans around the world with a festive version last Christmas.

Watch the Shetland stallion show off his dancing skills as the snow falls on the cliffs of Eshaness.

Socks was so successful as an advert actor that he was hired as an ambassador, using his new-found celebrity status to boost tourism in Scotland.

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