Premier Equine Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug: ‘breathable, cool and hard-wearing’ 8/10

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  • Premier Equine Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug with Surcingles


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    Premier Equine

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    Welcome to our group test of fly rugs. All of the rugs in this group test have been thoroughly tested on the yard of dressage rider and trainer Rob Wayne. Find out what he thought below.

    Premier Equine’s official description

    The Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug combines contemporary styling with revolutionary super lightweight material. This showerproof fly rug has been developed for protection against the sun, heat build-up, flies and insects

    Rob’s first impressions

    I really liked the bright colours of the rug and how hard wearing it looked. It also looked to be a really good shape and fit.

    Overview of performance

    I liked how dry this rug kept my horses during a shower and how breathable and cool it was. It fitted really well giving great all-round protection from the flies. It has proven to be very hard wearing with tough fastenings and fillet strap. I did find the belly strap quite awkward as the metal loop that adjusts the length of the strap gets stuck on the flap. This made the belly flap not very easy to adjust and difficult to use, which was a shame.

    Rob’s likes and dislikes

    I liked how dry it kept the horses and that you have the choice of using a fillet string or leg straps. I do think the design of the belly flap didn’t work very well and was awkward.


    This rug is good quality and therefore good value

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