Amigo Vamoose Evolution fly rug: ‘expensive but brilliant’ 9/10

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  • Amigo Vamoose Evolution


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    Welcome to our group test of fly rugs. All of the rugs in this group test have been thoroughly tested on the yard of dressage rider and trainer Rob Waine. Find out what he thought below.

    Amigo’s official description

    The Amigo Vamoose Evolution fly sheet brings together Horseware’s innovative and super light disc front closure with the latest in Vamoose insect control technology. In our development of this new rug in aqua/orange, we carried out tests to support our use of this colour combination. Most insects have what are known as ‘compound eyes’, which restrict their ability to see certain colours. In fact, research has shown that most inspects aren’t sensitive to many shades of yellow, orange and red. Most insects can, however, see ultraviolent (UV) lights very clearly. UV pigments in flowers, as opposed to vibrant colours, are what attract insects. You may notice that flies are attracted to certain colours, such as your brightly coloured jacket or car, but the chances are that this object is reflecting light in a way that is attractive to these insects.

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    Rob’s first impressions

    Thought this rug was bright, lightweight and really liked the fact it came with a spare front attachment. I was very interested to see how effective it’s Vamoose insect control technology was.

    Overview of performance

    This rug, although expensive, was brilliant – it was very effective against the flies. It was very breathable and cool, but also hard-wearing and tough. I liked how much coverage it gave the horse without being restrictive.

    Rob’s likes and dislikes

    Liked how breathable this rug is, how strong it is and how well it kept the flies away – I really am struggling to fault it.


    If you have money to spend, this rug is definitely money well spent.

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