Equine America hoof balm: ‘left the hooves looking nourished’ 8/10

Welcome to our independent group test of hoof dressings. All of the hoof dressings in this group test have been put through their paces by professional dressage rider Rob Waine and his team. Find out what they thought below.

Equine America hoof balm


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Equine America

Price as reviewed:

£10 for 500ml

Official description

The Equine America hoof balm is an ideal product to use all year round — in dry conditions it provides excellent moisturising properties, but in winter it provides a water barrier against wet conditions while continually letting the hoof breathe. It is a super-concentrated blend of natural oils that shine, moisturise, nourish and protect the hoof.

First impressions

It had a really eye-catching label and the greenish looking balm looked different to the rest.

Overview of performance

I found that the balm coated the hooves well, was easy to use with a normal hoof brush and left the hooves looking nourished.

Rob’s likes and dislikes

It looks good on, but it’s maybe not quite smart enough to go to a show in.


*BEST VALUE* I would recommend it as a good everyday hoof balm that you can use as standard on your yard.

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