Techalogic DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera *H&H Approved*

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  • Techalogic DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera


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    • Records front and back views simultaneously
    • Great app for easy download
    • Very secure strap
    • Lightweight


    • Tricky to assemble at first

    Price as reviewed:


    Techalogic DC-1 Camera

    The Techalogic DC-1 camera sits on the side of your riding helmet and records front and rear views simultaneously. It’s the predecessor of the Techalogic DC-2 Pro.

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    What’s in the box?

    I was really impressed with the packaging. The box was small, yet contained plenty of different mounting options, the charger and instruction booklet, as well as the camera itself. Everything was very neatly packed, and safe from any potential damage.

    The box includes various head mounts and straps, a wrist strap that saves important video clips at the touch of a button, and a protective bag and lens wipe

    It comes with a black helmet strap (hi-vis colours are available separately) and I was really impressed with the strap itself. The inside features a silicone grip, which will grip to any riding helmet. I tried it with a leather-look riding hat as well as a jockey skull with hat silk, and there was no movement or slipping on either – even when turned upside down. I also got hit by a few low branches while riding in the woods. The camera was never dislodged from my hat, but rather the hinge opened and I was able to right it easily with one hand and without removing my hat.

    Setting up the Techalogic DC-1 camera

    I was having trouble putting the mount together until I found some really helpful videos on the Techalogic website. Once I followed these, it only took me around five minutes to put my camera together on the mount – and once it’s on, you don’t need to do it again. I used the paper instructions to set up the app, which was very easy to use.

    Using the Techalogic DC-1 camera

    The first time I put my riding hat on with the camera mounted, it felt heavier than expected. However, I double checked the competitors (see the other best riding helmet cameras on the market) and found that actually it was one of the lighter options at just 104g (and my scales weighed the single camera unit at just 98.2g). I think the weight was more noticeable as it is mounted on the side of your helmet, but after a few rides, I soon got used to it and now I don’t notice it at all, so it’s worth persevering.

    Once you’re confident with the vibration patterns and lights that indicate on/off, WiFi phone connection and battery power, it’s easy to use – and the easiest way to use it is to just turn it on and let it run. If you only want to record a small section of your ride, you can reach up to press the button and you’ll know that it has started recording thanks to the familiar vibration pattern.

    I used this camera while hacking, riding on the beach and cross-country schooling. This battery life is estimated as 2–2½ hours. I managed to get a few hacks out of each charge, so I can confirm it lasted as long as expected. This was great because I didn’t need to take it home every time I rode, but if you’re going on a really long ride, it’s worth taking a power pack or not turning it on until you reach the road or activity you want to record.

    Downloading the footage

    For me, the app is one of the best parts of using this camera. I’ve seen friends struggling to download clips off other cameras, but this one is really easy to use. All the clips appear on your phone and don’t take up any memory until you download them – and then they automatically are filed in a separate folder so they’re really easy to find.

    The camera can connect to your phone anywhere – you don’t need a WiFi of 3G signal to do this. This means you can see what you’re recording to check the angles even in the middle of nowhere or download clips to your phone.

    I had selected the setting that cut my ride into three-minute clips – I found this was really helpful as I could pick through and easily find the landmark points in my ride I was looking for.

    The footage

    The footage I recorded did exactly the job it’s meant to. It’s not the smoothest or clearest video you’ve ever seen. I was able to capture smoother canters on my phone (although riding with one hand is obviously far from ideal) – but if you’re using this to capture roadwork it doesn’t need to be cinema-worthy and you certainly need the handsfree element, so I felt this was a fair compromise as you can’t have it all. I was able to make out number plates when I paused the video and usually if I hadn’t caught a car with one either the front or rear camera, it was caught on the other.

    I believe the only times I had problems with poor angles or shots was down to user error – for example, not checking the angle before each recording.

    I filmed a sunset ride on the beach and the camera coped really well with the changing light from the low sun. In good light the colours were captured beautifully. It records sound – and this has proved to be really clear unless it’s very windy or you’re cantering or galloping and then you, of course, get a lot of wind noise.

    Footage examples

    Passing traffic from front camera

    Passing traffic from rear camera

    Passing traffic from front camera

    Riding in canter from front camera

    Riding in canter from rear camera

    Riding on the beach from front camera

    Cross-country schooling from front camera


    This camera’s USP is that it records front and rear views simultaneously. If you’re primarily a hacker and looking for a device to record your time on the roads, this is the camera for you.

    I really believe that people who saw me wearing this camera out hacking were more courteous, whether they were in a car or on foot, which certainly added to the value. Electricals will always be pricey, but you’ll be ever-thankful if you capture footage of an accident – and you can use it for fun, too.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk

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