The Horse & Hound Podcast: episode 26 – Geoff Billington | Tying-up | News round-up

  • In our 26th weekly episode of the first series of The Horse & Hound Podcast, H&H’s showjumping editor Jennifer Donald chats to British Olympian Geoff Billington about big wins, top horses and the time John Whitaker went to the Olympics without his boots. Moving on to the week’s top news stories, our news team join podcast host Pippa Roome to discuss new rules after lockdown lifts, the challenges for women working in racing and an increase in reported road incidents. We also catch up with vet Ricky Farr to talk about tying-up in horses and what to do if your horse is affected.

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    In episode 26, British Olympic showjumper and new H&H columnist Geoff Billington talks to H&H showjumping editor Jennifer Donald about what it meant to jump for his country, the riders he looked up to when starting out, his Olympic memories and why it’s so hard to find a championship horse.

    “You can’t tell how good they are until they are doing it. Every step you go up the ladder, you run into different problems. It takes lots and lots of mileage to make a top horse – thousands and thousands of rounds. You can hope you’ve got a superstar, but until they are doing it, you don’t know” – Geoff Billington

    H&H podcast host Pippa Roome is joined by H&H news editor Eleanor Jones and senior news writer Lucy Elder to discuss some of the week’s key stories, including what we know about new rules after lockdown lifts, the challenges faced by mothers working in racing and why an increase in reported road incidents could just be the tip of the iceburg.

    “The BHS has good reason to believe the number of reported road incidents involving horses is only 10% of the total, which means the real figure could be nearer 10,000 cases” – Eleanor Jones

    In this week’s advice section we catch up with equine vet Ricky Farr of Farr & Pursey Equine, who talks about horses tying-up.

    “You lead your horse out of the stable one morning and it’s really stiff and reluctant to move, so what could be going on? It might be a case of ‘Monday morning disease’ or tying-up” – Ricky Farr MRCVS

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