*New columnist* Geoff Billington: These are desperate times *H&H Plus*


  • Geoff Billington reflects on the consequences of a second lockdown, “confusion and lack of transparency”, remembering a friend and why he thinks he should appear on a certain TV programme

    This has been another really tough month for the equestrian industry as things have ground to a halt once again.

    Since the announcement came at the start of November that England was returning to lockdown, I have had to cancel all the clinics I had planned in the run-up to Christmas; at this time of year, they are my bread and butter. But I’m not alone – there are very many trainers and coaches in a similar position to me who have lost all their income. These are desperate times for a lot of people.

    The situation wasn’t helped by the confusion and lack of transparency surrounding the communication of how the new restrictions would affect equestrians – in particular for riding schools and on the issue of hiring out arenas. For a couple of days we all thought it was great and we’d be allowed to carry on, and the next minute they’d changed the goalposts.

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