How to listen to the Horse & Hound Podcast: a beginner’s guide to podcasts

  • Our podcast features interviews with top riders, vital vet advice and all the latest news – find out how to access it, even if you’ve never listened to a podcast before...

    What is a podcast?

    A podcast is similar to a radio programme, but one you can listen to at any time. Many people listen to podcasts via their smart phone or smart speaker while doing something else, such as cleaning tack, running or mucking out.

    How often are episodes released and how long can you listen to them for?

    The Horse & Hound Podcast is released every Thursday to our H&H Plus members (find out how to join H&H Plus), before its general release on Friday, when anyone can listen to the podcast, free of charge. You can listen to any of the past shows at any time.

    What do you talk about on the podcast?

    Each episode of The Horse & Hound Podcast lasts 35 to 45 minutes and has three segments. The first is an interview with a special guest, the second is a discussion about the week’s news with members of the H&H team and the third consists of horsecare, illness and injury advice with vet Ricky Farr from Farr & Pursey Equine. We will be introducing other equine experts in this section in the future.

    Who are your special guests?

    The back catalogue of guests on The Horse & Hound Podcast includes Lucinda Green, Anna Ross, Ian Stark, Andrew Hoy, Billy Twomey, Spencer Wilton, William Whitaker, Natasha Baker, Polly Jackson and Sally McMillan. All these episodes are still available for you to hear.

    Our upcoming guests include:
    13 August: five-star and championship event rider Laura Collett
    20 August: show rider turned grand prix dressage rider Louise Bell
    27 August: H&H showing columnist Simon Reynolds
    3 September: six-time Burghley winner William Fox-Pitt

    Sounds good. How can I listen?

    The podcast sits on our podcast hub on horseandhound.co.uk, and you can listen there. But many people find the easiest way to listen to podcasts is via one of the many free podcast apps available on smartphones.

    How to listen via the Horse & Hound website

    1. On your computer or phone, go to horseandhound.co.uk/podcast
    2. You will see each episode of the podcast listed. Click on the one you want to listen to
    3. Scroll down the page until you find an embedded Soundcloud window
    4. Click on the red arrow to play the podcast

    Listen using an app

    1. Download a podcast app – such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Soundcloud – for free from the App Store on your phone
    2. Open the app
    3. Set up an account if you are asked to do so
    4. Go to the Search function (this may be denoted with a magnifying glass as well as, or instead of, the word “Search”)
    5. Type in “Horse & Hound”
    6. Select The Horse & Hound Podcast
    7. Look for a button to “Subscribe” or “Follow” the podcast – once you have subscribed or followed, The Horse & Hound Podcast will be easy to find in your library or similar area (this may be denoted with a stacked books symbol as well as, or instead of, the word “Library”; in Google Podcasts, go to “Activity” and then “Subscriptions”) within the app and each episode will automatically download ready for you to listen to it
    8. Or to listen to an individual episode, just tap on it – or you may need to click an arrow by the episode, depending on the app

    Why should I subscribe to or follow the podcast?

    If you subscribe to or follow a podcast, it will be easy to find in your app and each episode will automatically download ready for you to listen.

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