Mountain rescue for miniature Shetland

  • A half-blind pony has been rescued from a mountain in Ireland.

    Since named Tintagh, the seven-year-old miniature Shetland was first seen in Desertmartin at the beginning of January, exposed to the elements, with overgrown feet and a blind eye.

    Former riding school owner Liz Payne and other rescuers had made several attempts to catch Tintagh and bring him to safety, but did not manage to catch the stallion until 10 January.

    “He was at the top of the mountain,” Liz told H&H.

    “Snow was forecast so we wanted to keep trying. We decided to take another pony up in a trailer to see if that would help.

    “Then he walked straight on to the trailer without ropes or anything.”

    Tintagh was taken to Liz’s yard where he was checked by a vet and later given much-needed attention from the farrier.

    A GoFundMe page was set up to help raise money for Tintagh’s ongoing care.

    “Within 36 hours we had raised £300 — I had to tell people to stop donating,” said Liz.

    “People have been just amazing, sending notes with their donations. The money will go towards getting his teeth done and gelding him.

    “He’s getting along fine and has been getting lots of TLC. I’m hoping he goes from strength to strength.

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    “I probably am going to rehome him. I have kept horses I’ve rescued in the past but I have a lot of grass which wouldn’t be good for a Shetland.

    “Having said that he won’t go anywhere until I’m positive it’s for a forever five-star home.

    “It will take a while before we can think about that though — he won’t be gelded until spring.”

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