‘She has really fallen for Hamish’: rescued beach donkey finds new lease of life

  • A donkey who was rescued in a dreadful state has been given a new lease of life thanks to her equine companion.

    Former beach donkey Lottie was taken on by the Flicka Foundation Donkey Sanctuary in Cornwall in October 2016.

    She was “in a very bad way” when the Penryn-based animal charity took her in.

    Staff at the sanctuary estimate her to be around 13 years old and say she was “extremely depressed” on arrival.

    Lottie was emaciated and required emergency dental treatment.


    It also appeared she had recently given birth, but there was no sign of a foal.

    Due to her poor health, Lottie had to spend six weeks in quarantine so she could be given specialist care and treatment.

    Her health improved and she was recently able to come out of quarantine to be introduced to some other donkeys at the sanctuary.

    Lottie’s first meeting with Hamish, a 16-month-old donkey rescued with two others last November, went “incredibly well” with the pair bonding quickly.

    “Lottie’s condition gave us huge cause for concern when she arrived, so it is just fantastic to see her recovering and making friends at the sanctuary now,” said Flicka yard manager, Katie Hosking.

    “She has really fallen for Hamish and Hamish does seem rather smitten with her too!”


    The charity is still closely monitoring Lottie’s health, but she has met several other donkeys in addition to Hamish.

    “Lottie will continue to meet more of the other donkeys who live here and, in time, we are sure she will make even more friends,” Ms Hosking added.

    “It’s going to be great to follow her progress over the coming months.”

    The Flicka Foundation has taken in over 600 animals in the 21 years since its foundation, most of which have been rescued from conditions of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

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