‘His trust in me saved his legs’: cob rescued after freak field accident

  • A “fantastic and fearless” coloured cob in East Yorkshire has been rescued after a freak accident.

    Piebald gelding Bob attempted to jump out of his field, but knocked down the gate in the process.

    He caught three of his legs between the bars and could not free himself.

    His owner, Mark Walker, kept the eight-year-old calm while a friend called the fire service and a vet.

    “He panicked for about 30 seconds before realising there was nothing he could do other than calm down,” said Mark.

    “He paid attention to me telling him to keep still and seemed to understand what I was saying.

    “His trust in me saved his legs.”

    Bob was sedated and firefighters worked to free him from the metal gate using heavy-duty cutting equipment.

    He was left with superficial cuts to his legs and is set to make a full recovery.

    “We led him away from the gate so he could come round on his own accord and then took him round to his stable,” said Mark.

    Mark, who only started riding 18 months ago and enjoys hunting and cross-country with Bob, said he was “phenomenally grateful” to his vet, Ellie Child of Rainbow Equine Hospital, and the fire service.

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    “My vet said if he’d been a thoroughbred he would probably had to have been put down [as he would have panicked],” said Mark.

    “I’d never felt mentally exhausted until this. That night I needed a drink. It was nice to know he was back in his stable and calm.

    “He was very lucky. He’s fantastic and fearless.

    “I galloped him the second time I rode him, he’s one in a million.”

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