Firefighters rescue pony stuck between two trees

  • A five-year-old New Forest pony had to be rescued by firefighters last week after getting wedged between two trees.

    Molly was rubbing between two trees that formed a V shape on Tuesday, 16 March, when she became stuck between the trunks.

    Molly’s owner kept her calm until Hampshire Fire and Rescue arrived at the field in Gosport at 9.12am.

    The firefighters winched the trees apart, enabling the 14.2hh pony to walk out.

    Hampshire Fire and Rescue animal rescue specialist Buster Brown said: “It is important for an animal in this situation to be sedated before recovery is attempted so that it is less likely to panic and injure itself, or anyone else, during the rescue.

    “A vet from Animed Veterinary Group arrived very quickly. Once Molly was sedated, the trees were prised apart and she was led safely out.”

    While Molly was sedated the vet took the opportunity to carry out pre-planned dental work that was due to take place the following week.

    Molly was none the wiser and went on to make a full recovery.

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