Pregnant Shire stuck in seven-foot deep cess pit overnight

  • A pregnant Shire horse spent the night in a seven-foot (2.13m) deep cess pit near Doncaster after falling through a concrete cover at her home.

    The 11-year-old, called Izzy, who is four-months pregnant, was lifted from the trench at Hawkehouse Green Lane, Moss, on Thursday 15 September.

    Crews from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Technical Rescue Unit and Thorne fire station were called to the scene at 7.30 am.

    After being sedated by a vet, Izzy was winched to safety by 12 officers. The whole operation took two-and-a-half-hours.

    Station manager Tony Carlin said: “This was a difficult rescue due to the sheer size of the animal.”

    Izzy is said to be unharmed by her ordeal.

    Owner Linda Curtis said: “I can’t praise enough the officers and crews who attended.

    “They did an absolutely brilliant job and are a credit to the country.”

    She is not the only horse to get themselves into a difficult situations this year. Back in August a German horse got stuck in a tyre, Elvis fell into a mud pit in July and Smokey got stuck in a river in July.

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