‘My biggest regret was London 2012’: find out what makes Scott Brash tick in Q&A

  • We all know that Scott Brash is one of the greatest showjumpers in the world. He’s the only rider to claim the Rolex Grand Slam of Showjumping, he earned an Olympic team gold medal at the London Games in 2012 and he’s won many of the most prestigious grands prix all over the world.

    But what does he like to do when he’s not in the saddle? What makes Scott Brash tick?

    The 36-year-old, who is currently ranked number five in the world, answers some quick-fire questions to reveal some intriguing facts about himself. For example, did you know his sporting idol is the American basketball legend Michael Jordan? Or that the dream horse he’d love to ride is Big Star? It’s also fortunate that he’s a pretty awesome showjumper because “I’m not good at anything else!” he reveals.

    Here is what Scott Brash has to say…

    Q: What was your biggest regret?

    Scott: The Olympic individual final in London 2012 (Scott had a pole down riding Hello Sanctos to finish in fifth place individually)

    Q: What was your first car?

    Scott: A Ford Fiesta I think!

    Q: Favourite horse you’ve ridden?

    Scott: I would have to say Hello Sanctos

    Q: The dream horse you would like to ride?

    Scott: Big Star.

    Q: Your sporting idol?

    Scott: Michael Jordan.

    Q: Indoor or outdoor?

    Scott: Outdoor.

    Q: Game of Thrones or Friends?

    Scott: Friends.

    Q: If you weren’t a professional showjumper what would you do?

    Scott: I’m not good at anything else!

    Q: Weights or cardio?

    Scott: Hmmmm… Cardio.

    Q: Early bird or night out?

    Scott: Early bird now, I think!

    Q: Favourite city in the world?

    Scott: New York

    Q: The most respected showjumper?

    Scott: Ludger Beerbaum

    Q: The most exciting thing about the Rolex Grand Slam?

    Scott: It’s the best grands prix in the world.

    Q: Favourite sport other than showjumping?

    Scott: Football.

    Q: Your favourite showjumping venue?

    Scott: Spruce Meadows.

    Q: Your favourite memory?

    Scott: I think winning the Rolex Grand Slam of Showjumping.

    With thanks to Rolex Grand Slam.

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