8 top tips to help you look like a pro over a jump

  • Do you yearn to look as laid-back over a fence as some of the world’s greatest riders? It is such a hard aspect of jumping to achieve, but here are some top tips to help you improve your jumping position.

    Five-star event rider Georgie Campbell (pictured) has some helpful advice to get you on your way with improving your position.

    1. Your approach to a fence is vital for ensuring you get a smooth jump. Straightness, balance and impulsion is key.

    2. You need to make sure the saddle fits both the horse and rider correctly. Every rider is individual in what they need from a saddle so make sure you’ve done your research.

    3. Ensure you have the correct stirrup length — they need to be short enough so you can achieve a half seat in the air over the fence, but not so short you get propelled into orbit!

    4. A secure lower leg is vital; make sure your calf is in contact with the horse, and your weight is pushed down into the heel into the ball of the foot and through the stirrup.

    5. Always go with the horse’s movement, but make sure you don’t get ahead of them — wait until the horse has taken off before you bring your shoulders forward.

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    6. Your jumping position should be the result of your horse’s jumping effort. Follow the horse’s movement, for example, the more the horse bascules, the more you will need to fold at the hip.

    7. Try not to grip with the knee. Although this is always tempting and feels natural to do, it can cause the lower leg to slip back.

    8. Tucking a couple of fingers into a neck strap can help make sure you don’t catch the horse in the mouth over a fence. It can also offer a feeling of security and added confidence to help you relax.

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