H&H’s 10 most-read news stories from 2015

  • The past 12 months were full of highs and sadly, some terrible lows too. Here is the list of the most-read news stories on Horseandhound.co.uk during 2015...

    1. Horse owner killed in clipping accident

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    air ambulance

    Fifty-five-year-old Mary Hance from Norfolk was killed due to injuries she sustained while clipping her horse. Her daughter said at the time of her death: “She had dedicated her whole life to horses”. Many tributes poured in for the “exceptional horse woman”.

    2. William Fox-Pitt conscious but still very ill in hospital

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    William Fox-Pitt Bramham H/T 10.06 2012

    One of the updates that followed William Fox-Pitt’s serious fall while competing at Le Lion d’Angers in France provided a glimmer of hope for his fans. The news that he had “made progress” and was now conscious in hospital was a promising sign and we continue to wish William well in his recovery.

    3. Outrage after riders jump car: welfare investigation underway

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    Photographs online of horses and riders jumping a car during a ride in Ireland left H&H readers horrified. Welfare organisations were unindated with concerns from the public who saw images of horses jumping the car that still had a windscreen and glass in the windows.

    4. ‘I’m utterly devastated’: Drama on final night of Olympia as winner is eliminated *VIDEO*

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    Bertram Allen Olympia
    The equestrian world was left shocked when young Irishman Bertram Allen was disqualified from the Olympia grand prix after blood was found on the flanks of Quiet Easy 4, promoting Michael Whitaker on Viking into first place.

    5. Black horse returns to Lloyds Bank advertising campaign *VIDEO*

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    The return of the Lloyds Bank’s iconic black horse proved a huge success and very popular with both horse enthusiasts and the general public alike.

    6 and 7. William Fox-Pitt fall updates

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    Chilli Morning conformation and William Fox Pitt Portraits portrait

    The ongoing story of top British event rider William Fox-Pitt following his serious fall while competing in France in October 2015 had his fans on tenterhooks as they awaited updates. The initial story that he had suffered injuries was a massive shock to us all but the subsequent news that he was stable in hospital provided a little comfort.

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    8. First I’ve heard of it — Carl Hester clarifies the recent Valegro retirement story

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    Dressage; du jardin; hester; lucinda green; valegro

    Carl Hester explained to H&H what his plans were for superstar dressage horse Valegro after the BBC claimed the horse was to retire after the 2016 Olympic Games following an interview with Blueberry’s rider Charlotte Dujardin.

    9. Horse rescued after pony was ‘eaten by dogs’ *Warning* contains graphic images

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    Three horses were rescued from a property in North Lincolnshire in January after reports a pony was being eaten by a pack of dogs.

    10. Horror endurance pictures continue to shock

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    endurance scandal

    In a extreme case of inconceivable cruelty, pictures of Splitters Creek Bundy, the horse with two broken forelegs, caused a storm on social media (not pictured).

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