Top 10 stories that made you laugh in 2015

  • From horsey stereotypes to the day-to-day struggles we are all too familiar with, check out the humorous articles that have proven to be most popular with Horse & Hound readers during the past 12 months.

    1. Oh no, you didn’t! 6 horsey things we know we shouldn’t do, but do anyway

    stable stereotypes dealer

    Call us mad, but there are some things we all end up doing on the yard that we know we shouldn’t — from wearing unsuitable shoes to mucking out in our work clothes. It turns out this feature really rang true with you too.

    2. 21 things only owners of grey horses will understand


    From constantly being covered in grey hair, battling with stable stains and spending hours washing and rewashing the same section of coat — if you’ve ever owned, ridden or cared for a grey horse, you will be able to relate to many of the following in this feature.

    3. PICS: 16 riders reach the point of no return

    Cross Country . James Robinson and Comanche take a rather wet fall . Comanche has other ideas about continuing the trial !

    We’ve all been there — one minute you’re enjoying the cross-country round of your life and the next you experience that sinking feeling as you realise gravity is about to take over and, inevitably, you and the ground are going to become thoroughly acquainted. Yes, it’s that moment every rider dreads — the point of no return. We bring you 16 classic moments, all of whom we’re pleased to say could see the funny side…

    4. 16 barmy livery yard rules you’ll struggle to believe are true

    stable stereotypes

    If you keep your horse at a livery yard, you’ll know that the Yard Owner makes the rules, and everyone has to stick to them. Fair enough — unless your YO is completely bonkers. This feature includes some of the more unusual rules unlucky liveries have had to put up with…

    5. 6 blindingly obvious things you’ll learn out hacking

    road safety cyclists cycle bycycle high vis viz Shelley Rand with her two horses, tom and henry (with the star)

    From traffic to terrifying beasts such as pheasants, we state the obvious to reveal things all of us learn out hacking.

    Continued below…

    6. 6 things livery yard owners really, really hate

    Yard Duties

    Livery yard owners (aka YOs) have a lot to put up with. While some can be a bit sergeant-major-ish, insisting all the forks are lined up at precisely 90 degrees to the wheelbarrows, and that there’s not so much as a blade of hay outside any of the stables, others have a more resigned — sorry, relaxed — attitude towards their liveries. But there are still a few things sure to get even the most chilled of YOs hot around the collar

    7. 14 struggles every horse owner will recognise

    mucking out a stable with shavings bedding and rubber matting on a concrete floor

    Hanging out with your equestrian companion is without doubt one of life’s main pleasures. From crisp morning hacks to competition glory, you can’t beat it. However, owning a horse is not always easy and with it comes a great deal of hard work, long days and lots (and lots) of mud.

    8. 15 reasons why mares are better than geldings

    stable stereotypes

    15 tongue-in-cheek reasons why you could argue mares are better than geldings. From self-preservation to greater spacial awareness, the advantages can often far outweigh any disadvantages when it comes to teaming up with a mare.

    9. Texts you would get from your horse this winter (…if they could use a phone)

    hooves in mud

    Let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look at what your horse might text you this winter — if he could use a phone, of course. From beauty tips to dating advice, here’s some words of wisdom from your four-legged friends.

    10. 11 signs you were a horsey child in the 90s

    Mary King and Star Appeal

    Spent more time playing Mary King’s Riding Star than riding your actual pony? Fond of a polo neck? And do jodhpur clips give you the shivers? It sounds like you were a horsey child of the 90s.

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