Don’t tell the other half: 9 household items you’ve definitely taken to the stables at some point…

  • While you have no problem sharing your household items with your nearest and dearest four-legged love, we have a feeling the non-horsey individuals you share your home with would be less than impressed if they found out their more useful possessions have been covered with lashings of horse slobber and muck.

    Here are nine household essentials that you’ve probably taken to the yard on the sly at some point in time…

    1. The kitchen scissors

    An absolute necessity when trying to open plastic food packaging, but also an absolute necessity when trying to finish off your horse’s summer show trimming schedule in time for his first county competition outing. And when we say trim, we mean hind leg cat hairs as well…

    2. Towels

    It’s horse owning 101 that after a wash you must dry your horse thoroughly with a nice fluffy towel. Problem is you haven’t had time to buy him his own yet. So your partner’s new beach towel that they were saving for the forthcoming summer holiday will have to do. Towels also come in handy for tack cleaning; the perfect foundation to stop all that grubby, greasy water from spoiling the carpet.

    3. Hair brush

    Your daughter will likely be none the wiser if you borrow her tangle teaser for a couple of days to brush through your horse’s tail.

    4. Washing up sponge

    For when you just don’t have a tack cleaning sponge or cloth to hand. A quick rinse and we’re sure it will be fine to wash the pots and pans with…

    5. Eyebrow pencil/eye liner

    Typical, your horse obtains a small nick on the side of his leg just before his big qualifier. Lucky for you, your room-mate has developed a liking for colouring her eyebrows a shade of dark auburn that handily matches your liver chestnut’s near hind leg. Winning.

    6. Vaseline

    Petroleum jelly is just the stuff to keep human lips soft and shiny, but it’s also great for keeping a horse’s face moisturised if any chapped skin should arise. Just don’t mention that your application routine involved more than one “pot-to-mouth” smear.

    7. Colander

    Nothing beats it when you need to scoop broken ice out of a water trough during the winter. Innovation at its finest.

    8. Shampoo/hairspray

    Sorry I used your pricey salon brand products to wash my horse’s mane and secure his plaits in place, but needs must.

    9. Pillow cases

    One cannot simply take a coloured or a grey to a show without dedicating all efforts to keeping him clean the night before. With this in mind, I used those silk pillowcases your mother bought us for our anniversary as a tail bag.

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