Horses rescued after pony was ‘eaten by dogs’ *Warning* contains graphic images

  • Three horses were rescued from a property in North Lincolnshire on Saturday (3 January) after reports a pony was being eaten by a pack of dogs.

    Members of the public became concerned about the welfare of animals on a farm in West Butterwick so contacted the RSPCA and the police. Pictures were also posted on social media showing dogs eating the remains of a pony.

    West Butterwick farm 2

    A group of locals gathered at the farm (pictured top) to try to force the police and the RSPCA to act. The RSPCA and Humberside police both attended the property on Saturday afternoon and have subsequently confirmed that the pony had died of natural causes.

    “While the images that have been shared and the scenes at the incident in West Butterwick must have been very distressing, it appears that the pony involved died of natural causes,” said a spokesman for the RSPCA.

    “After visiting the property three ponies have been removed and we, alongside local authorities, are working with the owner to ensure the well-being of the remaining animals.

    “We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure their needs are met.”

    West Butterwick farm 5

    The three ponies are reportedly recovering well at Bransby Horses rescue centre. However, local residents are still angry that the RSPCA took so long to act and believe there were three dead ponies on the property.

    “In the field where the horses were living, they had to walk over the body of their dead mate to get to their hay and there was no water,” Bethany Hope Rodgers told H&H.

    “I believe nothing would have been done if it was not for the crowd of people that were there.

    “The police and RSPCA keep saying that the horses died of natural causes, but how do they know this? They never went to look at the bodies.”

    “It’s a sad world we live in to let things go this far.”

    West Butterwick farm 6

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