11 things all horsey people have probably done at least once on social media

  • You might love it, you might hate it or you might not have an opinion on it, but one thing for sure is that social media is a big part of most equestrian’s lives. The equestrian community has a huge online presence, and whether you use it for keeping friends and family updated on your horsey goings on, for finding out when your local arena is hosting events or for staying in the loop with show results, us equestrians love to stay virtually connected.

    But how many of these social media fails are you guilty of?

    1. Staying up until 3am reading the 345 comments on a post turned viral debate on barefoot trimming.

    2. Adding a newly appointed panel judge on Facebook before the season starts and ensuring you like all their status updates.

    3. Posting a ‘wanted’ advert for a new horse when you are in no financial position to buy one.

    4. Asking your internet friends about what feed to give your horse instead of speaking to a qualified nutritionist.

    5. Sharing every single ‘competition’ post you find, whether it is for a new numnah or a new horsebox.

    6. Advertising your horse for sale without making it look like a for sale advert (we see you).

    7. Posting a picture of your horse looking (in your opinion) impeccable, but swiftly deleting it when you don’t receive as many likes as you expected to.

    8. Sharing advice on a post in your local horsey group, but accidentally entering into a three hour debate which you cannot leave until you feel you’ve really made your point.

    9. Making a very cheeky offer on a second-hand saddle you spotted for sale.

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    10. Posting a status update about your competition win before you have even rung your mum or dad, or even dismounted from the horse.

    11. Spending hours making your horse do super cute, funny or impressive things and posting it on social with the hope of going viral so you can quit your day job.

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