Super Solvitax supports novice eventers

  • The popular Novice Owner/Rider series is continuing to be sponsored by Seven Seas Pet and Animal Healthcare.

    The competition is open to all owner/rider novice combinations. A total of 11 qualifiers will be held around the country, with the final taking place at Henbury Hall in Cheshire at the end of August.

    Eligible prize money winners at the qualifying events will go forward to the final where prize money will be double scale one novice.

    A points accumulator will run alongside the series with points awarded to the top six horses in each qualifying section. Rugs and glassware will be awarded at the final to the horses that have achieved the most points.

    There will also be a prize for the most imaginativeSuper Solvitax cross-country fence that will be judged throughout the season.

    Super Solvitax Novice Owner/Rider series qualifiers will be held at:

      28-29 April – Wilmslow, Cheshire
      12-13 May – Bishop Burton, East Yorks
      26-27 May – Scunthorpe, S Humbs
      16-17 June – Catton Park, Staffs
      23-24 June – Skipton, N Yorks
      30 June-1 July – Buckminster Park, Lincs
      30 June-1 July – Aske Hall, N Yorks
      7-8 July – Osmaston Park, Derbys
      28-29 July – Tetton Hall, Cheshire
      5 August – Berrington Hall, Herefords
      11-12 August – Ivesley, Co Durham

      FINAL on 26-27 August – Henbury Hall, Cheshire

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