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Carriage drivingThe sport of carriage driving includes private driving (driven showing), combined driving trials (a three-phase sport similar to ridden eventing) and scurry driving, while many enthusiasts drive in the countryside for pleasure.

Driving is also popular among individuals whose physical disabilities prevent them from riding. Some families find it a good way to keep their children’s ponies exercised or give them a new job when they are outgrown if they cannot bear to part with them.

Horse & Hound has dedicated driving blogger, Emily Ham, who regularly shares her driving highs and lows while promoting the sport as a whole. Read Emily’s driving blogs.

Driving caters for singles, pairs (two horses side by side), tandem (two horses, one in front of another), and teams also know as four-in-hand. In private showing you will sometimes see other combinations, while scurry driving is a sport for pony pairs of a set height.