30 patterned rugs you’ll want to kit your horse out in

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  • Patterned horse rugs have become a real trend over the past few years – we’re not surprised as there are some designs that are really cute and others that are rather fun. There have been designs that have sold out in record time, while others have returned due to such popular demand. New designs are being released all the time so we can enjoy browsing online and kit our horses out with something new every year. Not only are they fun and super-cute, it’s also so much easier to find a pink-and-yellow-dinosaur-print rug among a sea of navy turnouts, so really they’re a no-brainer.

    Here’s a selection we think you’ll love – or maybe love to hate – either way they’re a feast for the eyes!

    Weatherbeeta otter print turnout

    Weatherbeeta Otter patterned rug

    How can you resist otters with raincoats, umbrellas and welly boots? This print is available as standard-neck or combo turnout, or a fleece cooler – and you can even get matching travel boots or a parka for your dog!

    Buy at weatherbeeta.co.uk

    Derby House zebra print turnout

    Derby House zebra turnout rug

    Let your horse go wild with this zebra-print turnout. It’s super-fun and the 200g fill should keep him pretty warm, too. 

    Buy at derbyhousestore.com

    Gallop Seahorse turnout

    Gallop Seahorse patterned rug

    Perfect for the horse who loves to embrace his inner sea creature and wallow in the muddiest parts of his field.

    Buy at robinsonsequestrian.co.uk

    Weatherbeeta Rocky Born To Roll print turnout

    Weatherbeeta Born To Roll patterned rug

    Launched to celebrate a Weatherbeeta anniversary, this ‘Born To Roll print’ rug is now only available in a few limited sizes – but if you shop around you’ll be able to find a few more.

    Buy at weatherbeeta.co.uk

    Horseware Amigo horse print turnout

    Horseware horse print rug

    This Amigo Pony Plus rug is specially designed to fit a pony shape and sizing goes up to 5ft 9in. This particular 200g turnout has a 600D outer and shine-enhancing lining.  

    Buy at redpostequestrian.co.uk

    Derby House sloth print turnout

    Derby House sloth print rug

    Do you have a horse who likes a snooze? This cute rug could be perfect for him!

    Buy at derbyhousestore.com

    Swish Equestrian pink turnout

    Swish pink rug

    OK, this one’s not patterned, but it’s by far the brightest turnout we’ve come across – it’s perfect for anyone who has a passion for pink!

    Buy at swish-equestrian.co.uk

    Ponyo Horsewear Juicy Watermelon turnout

    Ponyo watermelon turnout

    Possibly one of the cutest patterned horse rugs we’ve seen. These rugs are available in a wide range of sizes (3ft – 6ft 9in) and in a variety of weights, so you can kit your horse out in a fun print whatever the weather. You can get matching travel boots, too.

    Buy at ponyo-horsewear.com

    Ruggles bubble print turnout

    Ruggles bubbles patterned rug

    Slightly more subtle than some of the other patterns we’ve seen, this bubbly print 200g turnout has a 1200D outer.

    Buy at ruggles-horse-rugs.co.uk

    Watt To Wear Thelwell fleece

    Watt To Wear Thelwell fleece

    There’s a brilliant selection of Thelwell prints available on these fantastically fun fleeces.

    Buy at watttowearprint.co.uk

    StormX Thelwell turnout

    Hy Thelwell rug

    More Thelwell – this time as a turnout and available with no fill or 200g. These rugs are brand new and limited edition – some places require pre-orders, but we’d say it’s definitely worth it. Available in 3ft – 7ft 3in, and they have other products in the collection, too!

    Buy at equus.co.uk

    Masta Novelty Winter print fleece

    Masta Christmas rug

    If you look closely, this print features penguins and snowflakes and will make your horse look like he’s been wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper.

    Buy at equus.co.uk

    Mark Todd star print turnout

    Mark Todd star patterned rug

    This star-print pony rug is ideal for the pony who knows he’s a superstar. It has a 220g filling and a 600D outer.

    Buy at equus.co.uk

    Rhinegold star print turnout

    Rhinegold star patterned rug

    Here’s another starry option if the first didn’t quite match your colour scheme. 

    Buy at equine-world.co.uk

    Shires leopard print turnout

    Shires leopard print patterned rug

    Shires have released a new leopard print design, which is available in a couple of different Highlander rug weights, and in teal or grey. 

    Buy at shiresequestrian.com

    Ponyo Horsewear Monkey Bananas turnout

    Ponyo monkey turnout

    This print is perfect for the yard’s cheekiest monkeys! You’ll find it hard not to forgive them their antics when they pop round the corner in their new cute monkey rug though. 

    Buy at ponyo-horsewear.com

    Shires Nebular print turnout

    Shires nebula patterned rug

    This cool space-themed print is available in a few of the Tempest rugs, and in pink or blue.

    Buy at shiresequestrian.com

    Maxima Equestrian Multi Diamond rug

    Maxima Equestrian Multi Diamond turnout

    This diamond pattern from Maxima Equestrian is available as a light, medium and heavyweight turnout rug.

    Buy at maximaequestrian.co.uk

    Bridleway donut print turnout

    Bridleway donut patterned rug

    Over the years we’ve seen a few different foody rugs, including cupcakes. This tasty donut print is available as an Ontario turnout. 

    Buy at fleetequestrian.com

    JHL horse print turnout

    JHL horse rug

    This horse print is cute and fun, and the rug itself is 200g with a 600D outer.

    Buy at viovet.co.uk

    Hy unicorn print turnout

    Hy Unicorn patterned rug

    This rug was incredibly popular when it first came out, but we’ve found somewhere that still has quite a few sizes left in stock.

    Buy at poniesonparade.co.uk

    Derby House Christmas unicorn stable rug

    Derby House Christmas unicorn stable rug

    Continuing with the unicorn theme, this cosy-looking stable rug features unicorns in baby blue Santa hats – perfect for wrapping your horse up over the festive season.

    Buy at derbyhousestore.com

    Bridleway owl print turnout

    Bridleway owl rug

    Another printed Ontario rug from Bridleway, this time with a cute owl print – hopefully the wise vibes rub off on your horse while he wears it. 

    Buy at horserugsrus.co.uk

    StormX Patrick The Pheasant turnout

    Hy Patrick pheasant patterned rug

    This fun rug has modern countryside vibes – and who doesn’t love a pheasant with a name?

    Buy at hopevalleysaddlery.co.uk

    StormX Simon The Sheep turnout

    Hy Simon sheep patterned rug

    This time it’s Patrick’s distant cousin, Simon the sheep – and apparently there’s a sheep on there who likes to stand out from the crowd.

    Buy at manorequestrian.co.uk

    Gallop dog print turnout

    Gallop Dogs rug

    Perfect for a dog-loving horse owner, which let’s face it is most of us, this turnout is available in 100g with a standard neck or as a 200g combo. 

    Buy at horsedirect.co.uk

    Weatherbeeta Aztec print turnout

    Weatherbeeta Aztec patterned rug

    Not a fan of the animal prints? How about this funky Aztec design instead?

    Buy at weatherbeeta.co.uk

    Whitaker strawberry print turnout

    Whitaker strawberry patterned rug

    This summery print will remind you of the better weather that’s to come.

    Buy at gooutdoors.co.uk

    Horze skeleton print turnout

    Horze halloween rug

    Perfect for spooky season, but really can be worn at any time, we wish this print glowed in the dark! 

    Buy at derbyhousestore.comt

    Weatherbeeta llama print

    Weatherbeeta Llama patterned rug

    “No drama for this baby llama” – that’s what we hope our horses will be saying when they’re kitted out in this cool llama-print turnout.

    Buy at charlies.co.uk

    Weatherbeeta pheasant dog parka

    Weatherbeeta pheasant dog

    OK, it’s not for horses, but this pheasant-print dog coat is pretty cute.

    Buy at weatherbeeta.co.uk

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