Struggling with mud fever? Check out these products designed to help

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  • The recent mild, wet weather has produced the perfect conditions for mud fever, so here is a selection of products developed to help prevent and treat this uncomfortable infection

    Mud fever on the rear of the pasterns

    Wet and muddy conditions can cause the hooves and legs of your horse or pony to become vulnerable to bacteria and fungus, which are the most typical causes of mud fever. Here is a selection of products on the market designed to help prevent mud fever. Creating a barrier between the mud (and the bacteria within it) and your horse’s legs either by the use of a boot, a liquid coating or a powder is the most common technique for trying to prevent mud fever. If you are using a liquid or powder coating, look for products with anti-bacterial properties and take into consideration the natural levels of sensitivity of your horse’s legs. If they have sensitive skin, products made of natural ingredients are a sensible way to proceed alongside veterinary advice. If you are looking to treat an established case of mud fever, a lotion that helps remove scabs, while reducing inflammation is a sensible choice. Those with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties should help avoid the condition from flaring up again.

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    Magic Mud Formula

    Magic Mud is a soothing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream that can be applied regularly to the skin to help maintain healthy hooves and legs. This cream is great on itchy, flakey, scabby or cracked skin.
    RRP: £15.99 for 400ml
    Find out more: www.equine-america.co.uk
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    Robinson Animal Healthcare Activ scrub

    This scrub is an anti-bacterial cleansing wash ideal for the management of common winter skin problems, such as mud fever. It can be used regularly to remove scabs and dead skin that has been caused by mud fever, but it is important to thoroughly dry the legs after use to prevent any further bacteria from growing.
    RRP: £24 for 4x 500ml bottles
    Find out more: www.robinsonanimalhealthcare.com
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    Lincoln Muddy Buddy scrub

    An antibacterial leg wash for easy removal of mud and dirt from the legs of horses, which also acts to help prevent mud fever. This scrub contains a broad spectrum antibacterial agent which helps to overcome the persistent and harmful bacteria present in wet, muddy, dirty environments.
    RRP: £7.65 for 500ml
    Find out more: www.lincoln-equestrian.com
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    Mud Slide lotion

    Made using pig oil and antibacterial flowers of sulphur, Mud Slide provides a barrier between the horse’s skin and the mud allowing the mud to slide off. This lotion can be used on horses of any skin type to help provide protection against mud fever.
    RRP: £7.50 for 500ml
    Find out more: www.equimins.com
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    Premier Equine Turn Out XTRA Pro mud fever boots

    These turnout boots are well ventilated to keep your horse’s legs cool, and they have brush protection zones covered with leather to keep your horse as protected as possible from knocks in the field. Reaching down to the heel, these boots guard against mud fever as they are anatomically shaped around the coronet and pastern area. These boots are designed to help horses that will be standing for long periods in a muddy field as a prevention against mud fever.
    RRP: £42.99 per pair
    Find out more: www.premierequine.co.uk

    Nettex Muddy Marvel barrier cream

    Nettex Muddy Marvel barrier cream helps protect skin from mud, keeping it supple and in a healthy condition. This cream also has antibacterial properties to inhibit bacteria from infecting your horse’s legs.
    RRP: £8.15 for 300ml
    Find out more: www.nettexequine.com
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    Keratex Mud Shield powder

    This handy, easy-to-use powder is good for protecting your horse’s legs against the effects of mud. It provides a cleansing and waterproofing action on legs which are prone to scabs and broken skin in wet and muddy conditions.
    RRP: £12.40
    Find out more: www.keratex.com
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    Cavalor MudDoc

    This ointment is suitable for horses that suffer from mud fever. It is made of only natural ingredients and therefore can be used on horses with sensitive skin. It works by helping to stop bacteria from attaching to the foot and help fight active infections.
    RRP: £58 for 400ml
    Find out more: zebraproducts.co.uk
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    Veredus Biocare Neo Derma cream

    This cream contains collagen and hazel extracts to nourish and restore the epidermis of dry and sore skin, making it suitable to use on areas affected with mud fever as well as any other types of skin irritations.
    RRP: £24 for 250ml
    Find out more: veredus-uk

    Equimins Mud Block supplement

    A high specification feed supplement made using minerals, essential oils, dried herbs and roots to support and nourish the skin from the inside out, which will help support horses with active mud fever infections.
    RRP: £16.50 for 600g
    Find out more: www.equimins.com
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    Botanica Natural Herbal cream

    A cream that helps to treat a wide range of skin conditions and infections such as mud fever. As it is made using natural materials, it can be used on even the most sensitive horses to help reduce inflammation.
    RRP: from £11.99 for 125ml
    Find out more: www.botanica-international.co.uk
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    Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure powder

    An innovative scientific therapy for supporting a fast recovery from mud fever. Lincoln’s Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure powder is scientifically proven to kill the bacteria responsible for mud fever. The powder can be applied without touching the skin, making it a great choice for when the horse’s skin is too painful to touch, promoting comfort for the horse and safety for the owner.
    RRP: £35.85 for 15g
    Find out more: www.lincoln-equestrian.com
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    Nettex Seven Day Mud Away spray

    Nettex Seven Day Mud Away acts in the same way as a barrier cream, but may be easier to apply. It helps prevent mud sticking to the coat allowing quick removal by simply brushing. Applied just once a week, it provides an effective barrier against mud-related conditions meaning less washing of legs in the winter.
    RRP: £5.05 for 250ml
    Find out more: www.nettexequine.com
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    Equimins Mud Block lotion

    Equimins Mud Block lotion is ideal for horses with heavy feathers, as it can be rubbed into the hair with ease. It contains colloidal silver, produced by an electrolysis method, that holds the particles of silver in suspension to provide a barrier against the bacteria that fester in muddy conditions.
    RRP: £12.95 for 500ml
    Find out more: www.equimins.com
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    Whichever products you choose to use to help your horse deal with mud fever, we would recommend that you speak to your vet if you are facing a case which is proving particularly challenging to resolve.

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