17 warm heavyweight turnouts for the winter

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  • Heavyweight turnout rugs are an essential item in any clipped horse’s winter wardrobe. Heavyweights typically have 300g+ of insulation, so are most often kept back until the temperature really drops. Layering rugs throughout the year has become much more popular as it allows you to be flexible in a cost-effective way, so some heavyweights are actually a combination of a lighter weight rug with rug liners to add the warmth. The best heavyweight turnout rugs will not only keep your horse warm, but will protect him from the elements, whether it be heavy rain, wind or snow.

    Rugs that are both waterproof and breathable are what everyone is looking for, although different types of horses will suit particular cuts, designs and neck configurations. Many heavyweights come with fixed necks as it’s less likely you’ll opt for a detachable if the weather is really cold – but some do still offer this. It’s important that turnout rugs can withstand a heavy and prolonged rain shower, don’t slip or rub, and can survive the wear and tear that comes with turning your horse out. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a rug – jump to this section for more info on how to work out which rug is best for your horse.

    Here’s a selection of the best heavyweight turnout rugs for every budget (in alphabetical order)…

    Bucas Atlantic turnout

    Bucas Atlantic turnout

    Fill: 400g | Style: Standard neck | Sizes: 5–7ft | Colours: Navy or green | RRP: £231

    The Bucas Atlantic has a ballistic nylon outer and a new silky Dermo-care lining, which has wicking and Stay-dry properties that help to keep your horse dry and coat smooth. It has a Click’n Go front closure with magnetic snap-lock to help keep the rug securely fastened. It doesn’t have shoulder gussets, but the shoulder darts offer a good fit instead.

    View now at viovet.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Hy DefenceX System 300 Combi turnout rug

    DefenceX System 300 Combi turnout rug

    Fill: 300g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1000D | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft3in | Colours: Grey | RRP: £99.99

    This durable, waterproof and breathable turnout made by Hy features an integral neck with touch-tape fastenings. It has adjustable clip chest straps, cross surcingles and leg straps, as well as a deep shoulder gusset that allows freedom of movement and a tail flap that provides extra protection against the elements. It also has reflective strips to increase visibility.

    View now at viovet.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Derby House Pro heavy combo turnout 

    Derby House Pro heavy combo turnout 

    Fill: 350g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 4ft3in – 7ft | Colours: Argean blue | RRP: £62.99

    This rug from Derby House has a ripstop outer and taped seams. The shaped neck fastens with double buckles and the storm flap offers extra protection. The double buckle and clip chest fastenings offer quick, easy and adjustable fittings, while the rug also features shoulder gussets and elasticated, adjustable leg straps.

    View now at rideawaystore.com

    Equine Products Arkle heavyweight turnout 

    Equine Products Arkle heavyweight turnout 

    Fill: 350g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | Colours: Navy/orange | RRP: £66

    This rug from Equine Products has a ripstop polyester outer, which is described as breathable and waterproof, and a nylon lining. The front is fastened with double buckles, while the neck has two Velcro tabs.

    Eskadron Alpha turnout

    Eskadron Alpha turnout

    Fill: 350g | Style: Standard neck | Outer: 1680D | Sizes: 5ft9in – 7ft | Colours: Navy | RRP: £158.99

    With a durable 1680D dirt-repelling outer, this Eskadron rug is described as waterproof, breathable, moisture-wicking and thermoregulating. Rather than a shoulder gusset, this rug has an elastic neoprene section at the leg to provide a comfortable fit. The front has adjustable fastenings and front extension, while there is also neoprene padding at the wither and reflective print on the tail flap.

    Horseware Rambo Duo Force

    Horseware Rambo Duo Force

    Fill: 500g | Style: Detachable neck | Outer: 1000D | Sizes: 5ft – 7ft3in | Colours: Navy/white | RRP: £479.95

    This brand new turnout from Horseware offers a 500g fill with the help of two liners (100g + 300g) in addition to the 100g ripstop, ballistic nylon outer, making it a really versatile and strong option. The outer is also treated with Aquatrans technology, which guarantees waterproofing and breathability for a minimum of three years. The lining is antibacterial, antistatic and shine-enhancing  with the smart addition of an embossed Horseware logo design. The rug fastens with a V-front closure, while the Surefit neck design eliminates pressure on the shoulder and the leg arches offer freedom of movement and maximum belly coverage. The three surcingle safety clip system can withstand 100kg of pressure and breaks in the event of an emergency giving extra protection for your horse. It also has a wipe-clean tail cord.

    JHL Essential heavyweight combo turnout 

    JHL Essential heavyweight combo turnout 

    Fill: 300g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | Colours: Burgundy/navy | RRP: £129.99

    This combo turnout from JHL has a ripstop outer and nylon lining. It also features adjustable cross surcingles, adjustable and removable leg straps, plus fleece wither and poll protection.

    View now at equus.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Mackey Lugnaquilla Plus

    Mackey Lugnaquilla Plus

    Fill: 360g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1680D | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | Colours: Black/gold | RRP: £135.95

    With a strong ballistic outer and polyester anti-rub lining, this rug is described as waterproof and breathable. It features a double buckle and clip front fastening, shoulder gussets, detachable leg straps and reflective strips on the front, back and tail flap.

    View now at viovet.co.uk

    Mark Todd heavyweight combo best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Mark Todd heavyweight combo turnout

    Fill: 350g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | Colours: Navy/beige or navy/beige/royal plaid | RRP: £129.99

    Made from a sturdy 1200D polyester ripstop outer, this Mark Todd rug features taped seams, nylon lining, adjustable double front buckles with quick release clips, cross surcingles and removable leg straps. The rug also has fleece wither and poll protection, reinforced nylon anti-rub shoulders and deep shoulder gussets ensure your horse has free movement, while the large tail flap also has a reflective strip.

    View now at viovet.co.uk or equus.co.uk

    Ponyo Horsewear Detach-A-Neck best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Ponyo Horsewear Detach-A-Neck turnout

    Fill: 400g | Style: Detachable neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 3ft – 7ft3in | Colours: 7 fun patterns | RRP: From £92

    These Ponyo rugs feature a generously shaped neck cover to protect your horse in the worst of weather conditions. They also have a high-cut neckline to avoid slipping and pulling on the shoulders and a Velcro chest flap that holds everything in place. Available in a great range of fun patterns and a wide range of sizes, they will brighten up any horse’s wardrobe. The rug also features a fleece wither relief pad and detachable leg straps. The lightweight version of this Ponyo rug scored 8/10 as part of our independent testing scheme – read the full review.

    Premier Equine Buster 420g turnout with classic neck cover best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Premier Equine Buster 420g turnout with classic neck cover

    Fill: 420g | Style: Detachable neck | Outer: 840D | Sizes: 5ft – 7ft3in | Colours: Black or navy | RRP: £185

    With a robust and waterproof ballistic nylon outer, this Premier Equine rug has 420g fill and 200g in the neck, but it is compatible with Premier Equine rug liners if you need to add more. As part of the evolution of the ‘Buster’, an extra-high shoulder gusset has been added to allow for a greater range of movement in the field. It features a classic neck cover (without elastic), fleece-lined wither pad, quick-release chest clips, an antibacterial and anti-static lining, and PVC-coated tail strap.

    QHP 300g turnout 

    QHP 300g turnout 

    Fill: 300g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 5ft5in – 7ft1in | Colours: Florals or twist | RRP: £09.95

    This strong, waterproof and breathable winter rug from QHP has an adjusted fit with a longer front to prevent a gap forming when the chest closure is fastened on a loose setting, while the neck is shaped to cover the chest completely. It is lined with breathable fabric that smooths the coat, with a nylon insert at the chest and fleece insert at the withers to prevent rubbing. It features quick-release chest closures, shoulder gussets, elasticated cross-surcingles , elastic leg straps, a tail cord and a wide umbrella tail flap to ensure the rug stays in its place. 

    Rhinegold Glacier best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Rhinegold Glacier turnout

    Fill: 320g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1000D | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | Colours: Navy/red check | RRP: £84.90

    This Rhinegold turnout has a ripstop, waterproof and breathable outer, with a breathable nylon lining. It is fastened with double chest straps and features front shoulder gusset, cross surcingles with strengthened guides, legstraps and tail guard. The fixed neck cover is fastened with twin easy “click-in” buckles.

    View now at amazon.co.uk

    Ruggles 400g heavyweight combo best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Ruggles 400g heavyweight combo turnout

    Fill: 400g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 5–7ft | Colours: Blackberry or forest green | RRP: £109

    This heavyweight turnout from Ruggles has a waterproof and breathable Teflon-coated outer, which offers greater repelling properties and helps resist staining. It has a soft nylon lining and generous shoulder gusset allows freer movement and helps to prevent friction. The chest is secured with double buckle and trigger clip fastenings, and the combo neck has double fastenings and an elasticated poll to stop wind and rain getting in. The rug also features reflective strips, taped seasons and detachable leg straps.

    Shires Tempest Original 300 best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Shires Tempest Original 300 turnout

    Fill: 300g | Style: Standard neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 48–87in (4ft – 7ft3in) | Colours: Teal | RRP: £71.99

    This Shires turnout features adjustable buckle chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles and fillet strap. It is fully lined with taped seams and is compatible with Shires liners. The rug is also PFC-free, which means the water-repellent finish outer offers sustainable protection without the use of environmentally harmful PFCs.

    View now at equus.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Swish 450g Ultimate Heavyweight best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Swish 450g Ultimate Heavyweight turnout

    Fill: 450g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 4ft3in – 7ft 6in | Colours: Navy | RRP: £109.99

    This Swish rug is designed to sit higher on the neck and shoulders to prevent it from slipping back and rubbing. With a new clip front fastening system, the rug has a ripstop outer and reflective strips on the front, rear and tail flap. It also features large shoulder gussets, cross surcingles, a tail flap and removable, elasticated leg straps. 

    WeatherBeeta Green-Tec 900D Detach-A-Neck Heavy best heavyweight turnout rugs

    WeatherBeeta Green-Tec 900D Detach-A-Neck Heavy 

    Fill: 360g | Style: Fixed neck | Outer: 900D | Sizes: 4ft – 7ft3in | Colours: Black/green | RRP: £179.99

    Created using recycled plastics for the waterproof, breathable outer and diamond weave lining, each of these Weatherbeeta rugs saves more than 340 plastic bottles from going into the ocean or landfill. It has a detachable neck for versatility and a traditional side gusset for natural movement. The quick-clip and buckle front closure  offers maximum adjustability, with twin low cross surcingles, large tail flap for protection and removable, adjustable leg straps. 

    View now at equus.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Whitaker Ottawa Premium best heavyweight turnout rugs

    Whitaker Ottawa Premium turnout

    Fill: 300g | Style: Detachable neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 4ft9in – 7ft | Colours: Blue | RRP: £95

    This Whitaker rug is designed with a puffy neck that offers extra protection to the mane and ensures a snug fit, while the waterproof belly flap ensures total coverage and draught resistance.

    View now at naylors.com, viovet.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

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    How to choose the best heavyweight turnout rug

    Buying a new heavyweight is very similar to choosing a new lightweight or medium weight turnout. There are a few things to consider when buying a new turnout rug, including…

    1. Weight – how much filling do you need? Do you need any at all?
    2. Outer shell – how tough does the rug need to be? Is your horse a known rug wrecker?
    3. Cut – do you need a neck? Are you after a particular shape?
    4. Extras – do you have a preferred type of fastening? Or would you benefit from reflective strips?

    Manufacturers are constantly innovating and introducing new features to their turnout rugs, such as shaped padding to protect the withers and new designs of shoulder gusset to allow additional freedom of movement. Choosing between neck styles – standard with no neck, detachable or integrated – is mostly down to what suits your horse best, but detachable is certainly the most versatile, allowing you to remove the neck when the weather’s a little warmer or if your horse is prone to rubbing. Many of the best turnout rugs, however, feature special anti-rub linings that should go some way to help prevent this.

    Fastenings are important because there’s nothing more annoying that having to find a spare buckle or replace your leg straps with a fillet string made of baler twine. Good quality, easy to fasten and comfortable for your horse are what you’re looking for here. Some rugs will have elasticated and/or detachable leg straps, while others will have clips rather than buckles at the front – have a good think about what you prefer and what will work for your horse because you’ll be using them every day.

    For an in-depth guide to choosing the best heavyweight option for your horse, check out our expert guide to buying a new turnout rug.

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