Don’t move! 12 of the best breastplates

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  • A great selection of breastplates offering to secure your saddle but maintain your horses comfort and freedom

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    Mark Todd Hunting Breastplate


    This breastplate is made from top quality english leather. It has adjustable martingale attachments with stainless steel fittings.

    RRP £67.99

    Visit www.equestrian.com


    Passier Auriga Breastplate


    The Auriga breastplate will prevent the saddle slipping backwards when jumping. It will also give the horse maximum freedom to use it’s shoulders and eliminates pressure points. This breastplate features a removable running martingale attachment.

    RRP £189

    Visit www.royalequestrian.co.uk

    Equipe Event Breastplate


    Crafted using Italian leather, the Equipe event breastplate has extremely durable elastic with soft sheep-skin pads. A self-centering system ensures this breastplate doesn’t slip and keeps the saddle securely in place.

    RRP £250

    Visit http://equipe-uk.shptron.com/c/martingales_event-breastplate


    Sue Carson Five Point Breastplate


    The five point breastplate from Sue Carson Saddles is a high quality security system, which is fully adjustable and elasticated for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

    RRP £170

    Visit www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk


    Caldene Five Point Breastplate


    Smart, comfortable and highly adjustable with strong brown elastic and leather straps, and a clip on martingale attachment. This breastplate comes in Black or Havana in cob or full size and is a great product at a great price.

    RRP £85

    Visit www.caldene.co.uk


    Kate Negus Five Point Breastplate


    This highly adjustable breastplate combines top quality English leather with elastic to allow free movement and ensuring saddle stability. The padded shoulder guards provide added comfort.

    RRP from £260

    Visit www.katenegus.com


    Pessoa Five Point Breastplate


    This breastplate features strong elasticated inserts, which allow freedom and movement in the shoulder area. The high and low saddle attachments, with a detachable running martingale, means that swopping between disciplines is easy.

    RRP £62

    Visit www.gfsriding.co.uk

    Passier Corvus Breastplate


    The Corvus Breastplate features a removable running martingale attachment. Elastic side pieces effectively reduce pressure over the horse’s withers to encourage maximum freedom of movement – which is particularly advantageous when jumping high, wide obstacles!

    RRP £159

    Visit www.royalequestrian.co.uk

    Prestige Five Point Breastplate


    The new Evo version of Prestige’s five point breastplate comes with “snap rings” on the martingale attachment, which mean that there’s no need to undo your reins anymore.

    RRP £203

    Visit www.arkaequipe.com


    Amerigo Event Breastplate


    This combination breastplate features a five point system which attaches to the saddle, girth point and girth belly ring, fitting safely and securely to your horse.  The chest pad is anatomically shaped and softly padded, while the elasticated shoulder straps are carefully positioned so that shoulder movement is not hindered.

    RRP £248

    Visit http://amerigo-uk.shptron.com/c/martingales-breastplates_amerigo-event-breastplate


    Albion Five Point Breastplate


    Made of hand crafted leather and durable soft round edged elastic, this breastplate is fully adjustable, slim-line and smooth. The fully machine washable and removable sheepskin pads help to minimise pressure and provide ultimate comfort, ensuring freedom of movement for the horse, eliminating the risk of any chaffing.

    RRP from £210

    Visit www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk


    Claridge House Soft Protection Breastplate


    Innovative adjustable breastplate with elastic inserts and softly padded pressure points. With a detachable martingale and snap hooks to easily attach to the saddle. Silver-coloured fittings.

    RRP £54.90

    Visit www.kramer.co.uk




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