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hunting with hounds

The autumn hunting season is well underway now across the country. Overall the harvest came in well with many packs getting out during the latter parts of August, although the majority of packs started in early September. Those who have set their alarm clocks early will have benefitted from watching some beautiful sunrises.

The summer hound show season seems a distant memory although all eyes are now firmly focussed on watching the successful young hounds to see if their success on the flags can be replicated on the hunting field. Puppy walkers and those with a keen interest in hounds look forward to reports from their huntsman regarding how well the hounds they helped to educate have taken to their task.

Those out on horses will be reminded by their masters that autumn hunting is a particularly important time of the season for the young hounds, with this vital period of their education key to their success on the hunting field. Giving hounds plenty of space and keeping young and inexperienced horses at a safe distance can be of benefit to all.

It won’t be long before tweed coats are replaced with full hunting dress as the new season approaches.

Tyndale Hunt - Belvoir swop
Photograph by John Grossick 0771 046 1723

Whether you are concerned about an unintended mid-field Spanish Riding School display, or simply want to brush up on hunt etiquette and terms, a pre-season hunting clinic provides an introductory hunting education for both horse and rider