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With opening meets almost a distant memory, the main season is now underway.

Support for hunting is as strong as ever with the recent Countryside Alliance Newcomers Week being heralded a success and more people than ever taking up hunting.

The general consensus from many huntsmen around the country is that scenting conditions have proved difficult during autumn hunting this season. However the young hounds and new members of hunt staff have had plenty of opportunity to learn their craft during the busy months leading up to the opening meet. This education will prove invaluable once scenting conditions improve.

The debate over the future of hunting under the ban continues and it remains high on the agenda of our leaders at the Masters of Foxhounds Association and the Countryside Alliance. They continue to look at ways to amend the Hunting Act 2004 that will satisfy those on both sides of the political debate.

The appointment of masters and new members of staff and masters for the 2015/16 season has already begun with the knock-on effects of those movements being felt throughout hunts up and down the country. Many high profile positions have already been snapped up, resulting in mass speculation of who will fill the vacancies created.

The focus for now must remain on making the 2015/16 season an enjoyable one.

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Hounds. Damper, Cruiser and Archway (left to right)

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