When is hay at its best? [H&H VIP]

The question of how long to wait before feeding freshly-baled hay always provokes debate among horse owners. Hanna Lindon investigates

BSPS Area 16 Spring Show Suffolk 05 04 2014

6 luxurious lorries we’d like to live in

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York and Ainsty South

Autumn hunting 2014: in pictures

There are plenty of things for us to moan about when the evenings draw in and the leaves turn — mucking out, mud and rugs spring to mind. But surely…

Dun pony grazing in a muzzle

Do grazing muzzles work? [H&H VIP]

Peter Green MRCVS looks into the latest research about how grazing muzzles work — and whether horses can eat more grass through them depending on the type of pasture they…