Welcome to ‘the horse capital of the world’: the ads filmed by horses themselves (we can’t stop watching…)

  • VisitLex, the tourism board for Lexington in Kentucky, USA, has not only made horses the centre of their latest campaign, but it has also made them in charge of filming.

    Promoting Lexington as the “Horse Capital of the World”, the horses have indeed taken centre stage, an idea put into action by VisitLex and Cornett,  a Lexington-based advertising agency.

    Mill Ridge Farm, a prominent Lexington-based Thoroughbred stud, provided the stars, in the form of Vegas Trip and Barbie Mills and some very cute foals. Go Pro cameras were then attached to them and an hour of footage accumulated to create four 15-second adverts.

    “While the idea was funny, it was also very doable and on-brand,” especially for a region with about 400 horse farms, said Cornett’s creative chief Whit Hiler.

    “We found a harness that was meant for a dog and it just so happened to fit perfectly on a horse’s head,” explained Whit. “We didn’t really know what to expect going into this. Would it work? Would the footage be usable or too shaky? I think the most unexpected thing that happened was that it did work. We were able to make fun commercials that were actually filmed by horses. There are now commercials in the wild that have horses listed as the videographers in the credits.”

    Continued below…

    Another video was created to show how the production was created and we think the whole series makes for fascinating viewing.

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