The story of a horse named Keyflow [Promotion]

  • Behind every good name there’s a good story and the story of Keyflow begins about 10 years ago in a paddock in New Zealand.

    Keyflow is the name of a top-level event horse (pictured top). Piloted by Dutchman Tim Lips, he was entered for this year’s Badminton Horse Trials, but was one of the 25 who didn’t make it off the waitlist. The combination is instead competing at Luhmuhlen**** in Germany this weekend. The 15-year-old New Zealand thoroughbred is a loyal campaigner whose list of attributes include consistency, trustworthiness and an ability and willingness to get the job done.

    Rocky, as he’s known, started his life in a paddock in the deep southern reaches of the South Island of New Zealand and, like so many other thoroughbreds, he was destined for the racetrack. This plan, however, was short lived, mainly due to the fact that nobody could stay on him. Rocky became infamous for bucking his ‘would-be’ jockeys off, and after the last trainer had ‘given him a go’ and the last jockey had ‘hit the deck’, his next stop was the dog meat man. As a last resort it was suggested to Rocky’s owner to pass the problem horse on to the then young horseman and budding eventer, Tim Price.

    This is when the rather lean looking dappled grey’s fortunes changed. With a little negotiation, plenty of patience, and a fancy new name, it could be said that this is when Keyflow found his place in life. The horse went beautifully for Tim; in fact from the very first day with his new rider, he decided to never buck again.

    The name ‘Keyflow’ was originally picked up by Tim from a friend. ‘Key’ is a strong word meaning important, fundamental and essential. ‘Flow’ refers to movement, an evolution. It is a word that is plentiful, alive, and smooth. Put together these words are powerful, and they also described the horse as an animal — beautiful, powerful and alive.

    Keyflow — the company — relates to this visual image too. Tim’s brother Cameron is an equine nutrition professional who, in 2011, founded a new super-premium horse feed company in the UK.  When looking for brand name ideas Cameron‘s decision wasn’t difficult.

    “We wanted something that was fresh, new and memorable. It had to be a powerful brand name but with soft edges. We love the horse Keyflow, he’s such a cool eventer and his name stands for everything we believe so passionately about as a feed company. To immortalise this name and for it to become core to our company was a very natural and easy decision to make.”

    Keyflow logo

    Keyflow flourished as an eventer, winning and placing in New Zealand on a regular basis. Tim thought enough of his horse to fly him over to the UK where he continued to campaign consistently up to three-star level.  Tim eventually sold Keyflow on to Germany and to this day he is a regular out on the European circuit with Tim Lips, doing what he enjoys most — eventing (not bucking)!

    Keyflow Feeds are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK and Europe with horse owners choosing them for their quality, enhanced digestibility and unique ingredients (including beetroot). The company, which is part owned by Sir Mark Todd, has developed ranges with top riders including Sir Mark himself, as well as British show-jumping greats John Whitaker MBE and Michael Whitaker. Keyflow’s feeds were acknowledged at this year’s BETA International trade fair in Birmingham by winning the ETN Innovation Award for feed and supplements, as well as runner-up in the same category.


    Learn more about the new Super-Premium Horse Feed company Keyflow® by heading to the website at keyflowfeeds.com or by calling +44 (0)1672 51 9000. Follow Keyflow’s progress on twitter @keyflow or on facebook.com/keyflowuk

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